Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mr Sheen

I bet you started reading this blog expecting to read all about the salacious goings on of a twenty something gay boy didn't you ?
Well this posting might depress and drive you away for good. I don't write this thing for the same reason that you might read it. It's just a diary I'm afraid so that means at times it's depressingly realistic and sad.

There have been lots of changes implemented at work today. Including my hours. i now start earlier, but happily finish earlier as well.
This means i might be able to do another job in the evenings. i couldn't do it before because the starting and finishing times clashed. One of the job offers i got came from one of Daniels uncles. He apparently has a business that cleans offices and work places. It's not brilliant money, but it's not really hard work pushing a vacuum cleaner around and flicking a duster about either. Everything will be extra cash in my pocket and it gives me something to do at nights during the week other than sitting in front of the computer. I know it's not very rock and roll or glamorous (Daniel already finds the idea amusing) but I can give it a go and if i don't like it I'll pack it in.
It's not a replacement job for the one i have, but the way i see it i can use it as a cushion. Any problems in my main job and i can tell them to stuff it whilst using this one as cash cow to tied me over.
I have spoken to Daniels Uncle and i can start tomorrow if i want (hang on a minute, let me get my head round it first), he is already short staffed with people off on holiday or sick.

Two jobs means two wages that's what attracts me. Other people work in pubs for extra money, some sell their bodies on Canal Street. I pick up a duster and a can of Mr Sheen and prance around an office at night.
How gay is that ?
Who cares, More Weeeeekeend Money that's what I'm thinking of.


vilges suola said...

A charwoman - sorry, cleaning lady! Sounds divine, dear, much better than digging up the road or becoming a bin man. You can shout at office workers 'Oi, get yer feet offa them buffets, I've just done in 'ere.'

Pilgrim said...

It also means more dough in to Mx. Browns government. Propz Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

I've done the multiple jobs thing successfully before. Just be sure to allow yourself time off now and then and it's not too bad. And the additional income always makes for a wonderful feeling of security. Don't pick up a drug habit and you'll be set.=P This may sound weird, but I've got the feeling you'll get your foot in the door from it somehow. It will lead to better things for you.

Anonymous said...

Mind you, you will feel pretty knackered!

No, didn't expect salacious stuff - you can but hope though!