Friday, 3 July 2009

The weekend starts here

As i sit here now, i am waiting for Jack to come pick me up and take me out. I think i quite like having a friend who does all the driving. Now i know what Daniel likes about me being the driver when we go out.
On the downside,he is late. Whoever drives is in control. Where the bloody hell is he ?.

We are supposed to be going to see his family and then on to a drink, so i am on strict instructions not to say anything about us. That's fine by me.
I hate public shows of affection so he doesn't have to worry about me giving him a kiss either. I am under no illusion as to why i am supposed to be keeping all this under wraps mind you. And i don't care.
I'm listening at the window to hear his car pulling up, so that's it for blogging tonight.
It's weekend again so we all know what i'll be up to over the next few hours.

Clean bed sheets again.

1 comment:

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Yeah, baby! I envy you - a whole weekend of playing monoploy and euchre. Did I guess right?

Have a good time.

G =]