Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dans Man

I met Daniels Boyfriend last night. Is it his boyfriend ?, i don't know. They were very vague when i asked about it. In fact it seems to be a gay thing at the moment not to call your partner your boyfriend until it's a dead cert and your gonna be together forever. If you keep it to friend who happens to be a boy there isn't the same commitment is there ?. And if he does the dirty on you and buggers off with someone else, you haven't been dumped, you were only friends anyway so who cares ?. Some call it an open relationship, some call it edging your bets.
Anyways back to Daniels, er, mate.

Jack and i were out having a drink and we bumped into the love birds (LOL). I'm no sure Daniel liked the idea but to late, we saw them before they saw us. His name is Howard. He is supposed to be thirty five but looks a bit older to me. I don't mind either way. But he has tattoos everywhere and is into piercings and stuff.
Apparently he is talking of having a Prince Albert and wants to have something done with his nose. Personally i think he needs something doing to his head if he does, but each to his own. The real surprise is that this guy is not what i expected at all. I thought i knew what Daniel liked and i would never have put these two together in a million years. I hope they are happy together and everything, but i was a bit taken aback.

From what i can see he is a typical gothic type of guy. He likes tattoos, is into dark screaming heavy metal music, watches lots of horror films, looks to be into S&M & bondage and likes death and black and gore. But on the other hand he has a cat called Arthur, is a really nice caring person, is very intelligent and artistic, looks after his mum, works in IT and is a vegetarian. LOL.
Never judge a book by it's cover.


Anonymous said...

Well . . .I've met a few who buck the stereotypes!

BTW Pete and I are in a Civil Partnership which needs a Judge to end it and one can't do it without the other knowing, of course. It shares just about all the legal things marriage makes hets share.

jlo said...

Your right to not judge a book by its cover, some my best friends are people that I did not think I would like when I met them. hug and love