Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dinner for Four

Now no laughing at this but i'm having a dinner party this weekend at my place.
I'm even cooking food and stuff. Imagine that ?. It might be something you lot do on a regular basis but i don't even cook for myself never mind others.

My microwave is the most used appliance in my kitchen, I'm not sure the cooker even works i never turn it on.

But for some explicable reason this week i decided to give it a go. All this talk of reading books as made me go all middle class and hooray Henry, LOL.

I asked Daniel if he and Howard fancied coming over on Friday night. Jack will be there as well, obviously, so a it's a foursome. They bring their own drink and i just provide the food.

What the hell i decided to do this for i have no idea. It was an off the cuff spur of the moment thing. Now it's planned i'm wondering what to do. I don't know how to cook.

By the time i got home i decided i would buy something ready made thing from Tescos and just add frozen veg and a couple of Yorkshire puddings.

They will be more interested in the pudding anyway so a tin of custard and a couple of apple pies will do there as well.

Hardly Gordon Ramsey is it ?. I'll let you know how it goes of course but to give you an idea of how things are going so far. I've realised i don't actually have enough plates for four people, none of my knifes and forks match. I only have two chairs and i don't even know if i can get four people round my kitchen table either. Well what do you expect ? I live alone in a rented upstairs flat.

I wonder where the phone number of my local McDonald's is ?.

If nothing else it will be a laugh.


Pilgrim said...

Erm, Mambam, since when is Mc´D´s home delivering? And Jamie Oliver gets my absolute thumbs up! against Ramsey. Have a nice eve. Propz Pilgrim

Michael Rivers said...

I keep saying I'm going to have a dinner party too. Maybe you can be my inspiration. Let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Eee, you know summat, that Mambam's suddenly gone all middle class, reading boooks and making dinner ('e calls it) for 'is fancy friends. High tea were good enough in my day. It'll be paper napkins next and them doyly things for Eccles cakes. Well, better wish 'im all't best any road - Peter-D.

vilges suola said...

By eck, lukes like there's them at's tekkin t'piss. Never eed, Michael lad, gerron wi it: tint much of a man as can't throw a dinner dance for fellow poufs.

Antony said...

Ha ha it's always fun to host a dinner party. Even if it goes tits up! ha ha.


Antony x

Mambam said...

I'll have to try Pizza Hut then ;-)

Not sure if i will be inspiration, but you can learn from my mistakes if nothing else

Vilges & Anonymous
I'm not sure what anyone from overseas makes of your comments, but it made me laugh.
By Gum tow lad gonnan gottan aal snooty, it'll be shit wi sugar on next.

It's an all boys affair. There will be no tits allowed entry to this party ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mambam, couldn't resist. I were born in Yorkshire, like, and went to school in Lancashire (that strange place called Upholland, not far from you, I think). Have a great nite and good to see you're getting better. You take care, Peter-D.

Anonymous said...

'an from Derbyshire, but as was Todmorden as 'ee knus well enough - you get down the local Indian on t'internet and buy a bit of mango chutney to drown taste.

There ain't a Lancy tosser don't eat a vindaloo!

And yer can 'eat that un up in micro!