Sunday, 13 September 2009

Jacks Gran

We didn't stop out long last night. If i am gonna be able to have a few days off and go see Jack next week i'll need the money, so no clubbing and rolling in when the sunrises. It was home and in bed by 1am. It felt weird.
I hope i can get a few days off next week. I have my head on now, and i'm more or less planning it. If they say no on Monday i will be really pissed off.

Thanks everyone for leaving advice, much appreciated. You all more or less agree that i should get off on next week if i can, so it's your fault that i am already planning it. If i can't and i am all depressed on Tuesday i hope your all proud of yourselves for getting me all excited like that LOL.

On the job option, i think i need to follow some of your advice there as well. Perhaps drive over and time the journey one morning. And, something that Jack suggested, If i could maybe work there for a day one weekend or perhaps arrange a day off from my current job and work there for the day during the week, it would be good for everyone to see if things work out.
Anyways i'll think things through this week.

Today we went over to Jacks grannies house. She is in her late 70s i think and a typical stereotypical lovely old lady. One one hand she tells it like it is, on the other she is so kind and grateful that someone has visited her she forces tea and cake down you, even when your stuffed.
one of her grandsons had transferred some old pictures onto a photo disc for her and we had to watch it on her DVD (a present at Christmas).
She knew how to switch it on and off again, but that was it. this one DVD had been on constant rotation since it was put in the machine, she had no idea how to change it or play anything else. she switched it on, watched it and then turned it off again. Nothing else had been in this machine, just old pictures in a sideshow form.
But you could tell she really liked it. They were actually crap quality transfers, but i could make out Jack on a couple of them when he was about three or four. Very funny.

I told her i could do better and knew how to transfer some if she wanted me to. What did i do that for ?, I suddenly have two cameras and i think i'm an expert at photogrophy all off a sudden. Jack just laughed. When we came away i was given a massive bag of old photographs and i some how have to transfer them onto a DVD for her.

It reminded me that i don't actually have any old pictures of me or my family. My mum and dad have them all. In fact i don't have many pictures around my house either. Jacks gran had hundreds of them, there wasn't a wall that wasn't covered in pictures. and the mantelpiece had thousands of ornaments and nick knacks. I have nothing like that.

It did feel more homely. It's not until you visit other people houses that you realise that they have turned it into a home that is personal to them. Mine is as if i am just staying there. I have bare walls and not many personal touches.
It's a mans house, and there is something missing. A feminine touch. I wonder sometimes if i really am gay. I have absolutely not interior design skills whatsoever.

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vilges suola said...

If you love cock, yours and other men's, you are gay. Some gay men have gold plated dolphin shaped bathtaps and velvet living- room curtains with tie-backs that look like the stage of the London Palladium, and collections of Barbara Streisand CDs, but cock is basic.