Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Phone blogging

Its midnight and im sitting in bed miles away from my computer . Im sending this post as a text just to see if it works, but im pissed so it could come out shit. I think the pictures describe the last few hours pretty well as it happens , i dont think i need say more. I can delete them all when i get home .we are in a nice little b&b and will be moving on in the morning. I will have a few hours to kill on my own so what to do? Luckily its during the day and i will be sober. If it were now i would be looking for another shag. jack just wants to sleep because hes working in the morning. spoil sport.

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Anonymous said...

Mambam, you are a real romantic! Good to see Blackpool looking as dreary as ever. Did you get a huge breakfast, grapefruit segments followed by a fry-up? Enjoy the rest of your trip, take care - Peter-D.