Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Horrible day at work today and i feel all stressed out. I just wanna go outside and scream at the top of my voice. One of those days where the phone is none stop and every call needs acting upon immediately for whatever reason.

But before you can do anything the phone rings again with some other crisis that needs sorting now, and before you know it you have a list of things that want doing straight away and they are all No1 priority's.
In the middle of all this one of the employees came in to pick up a letter i had been told to give him. My boss said 'if Eric comes in he's wanting this envelope. I'll leave it over here. someone give him it will you?'.
It turned out that Eric was retiring and this was his final wage slip and P45 thingy.

No goodbye or thanks for your service. No shake of the hand or good luck. no leaving card or present, nothing. He couldn't even be arsed to come out of his office to say toodle pip.
I don't know him that well myself, but had a short chat with him. he was happy to retire but disgusted by how he had no goodbye message or even a card. He has worked for my boss for 10 years, and previously for the bosses father for 18. And that was that. after 28 years !. Even i felt awkward about it and wished him well, but when he walked out of the door, no one else noticed, they were all on the phones busy. Not even a wave goodbye from us either. Poor sod.

I feel bloody pissed off and fed up. The more i think about this going to Dave's the more I'm convinced I'm gonna go for a laugh. I'm no idiot. anything for a change to my dull and boring frustrating week.


Michael Rivers said...

Wow. That is really sad to work that long for a company and not get anything! That is not a way to treat employees! I can see why you are stressed!

Ryan said...

I am glad to hear that you at least wished him well. Good job, as for your stress... have you tried blowing the phone up with a small amount of explosives? It may help.... maybe.

Lots of love,

Mambam said...

Yeh, it shows what they think of us doesn't it ?

Must try that, or perhaps just accidently knock it off the desk and break it. ;-))

Anonymous said...

You can tell a good business by the way they treat their employees. You work for a shitty business. Keep that in mind for yourself...