Friday, 20 November 2009

Secrets of my Back Bedroom

I rang my mum tonight to catch up on how things are with her.

“it’s all going on here” she said, and then spoke for half an hour about nothing. The “all going on” was more to do with my uncle Malcolm who is in hospital having his hemorrhoids put back in. So she and dad have been driving my Auntie Pat to the hospital and back which is upsetting their normal run of the mill routine.

It was riveting stuff i can't deny, or can i?. Then she started asking me questions, and by the time we reached the usual ones about what I had just eaten for my tea I decided it was time to go. But before I did she mentioned my dad is a bit worried because they are making people redundant at his work again. He'd be gutted if he lost his job i know.

One of the good things about moving from a tiny flat to a big house with a garage means that i have lots of space to fill.
I can stick all my porn in one room outta the way now so when people come to visit i don't need to cover any cock pics up or push DVDs under cushions.
A while ago someone gave me a really gay picture of two guys with their tops off standing by a waterfall. I never put it up because i hate that sort of thing on display around the house. It smacks to much of 'look at me I'm gay just in case you didn't already know'. Hetero people don't have picture of women with their tits out on show do they ?. And besides it looked too much like wanking material, not very artistic, just pornographic. I don't really want stuff like that hanging over my shoulder when I'm sat having a cup of tea with my mother and her friend Sheila.

Anyways i stuck this picture up in the back bedroom and the more i look at this room the more i realise it's gonna be kept for special occasions. In other words, when people come to stay (for the night).

I wonder if i can fit some bondage gear and sling in there ? LOL.


vilges suola said...

Christ, I envy you the space. I have a tiny flat and after 4 years back in England I have too many clothes for the wardrobe, too many books for the sheles and negotiating my way round the place is like playing 3 dimensional chess. But... alternative is move to Leicester.

I don't envy you the saga of Uncle Malcom's piles.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you screw the sling to the joists.

Mambam said...

I'm told i need to be careful i don't just fillit with crap. I must admit my small flat kept me from keeping things i didn't need

That sounded like someone with experience.
I have a mental picture of a sling snapping from the ceiling in the middle of a shag.
True ?