Sunday, 31 January 2010

Funeral preperations

My uncle died last Sunday. He was only 53 He just went to bed and didn’t get back up again.
It’s my mum’s brother and she is gutted. Last week I travelled over to home most nights.
Not that you can do anything other than be there, but at times like this you just want to be there. It’s been like Piccadilly Circus with all the family ringing or call and very emotional. I was roped in to call certain people and give them the bad news and if anyone else says “your Joking!!” one more time I’ll hit ‘em. It’s not the best response to someone telling you that a relative has died.
I was fairly close to him when I was younger. He was always there for birthdays and Christmas, but the older you get the more you drift away from uncles and aunties and you see them less and less.

He was divorced and living alone, but his son found him when he came to give him a lift to work (he works Sundays) and didn’t get a reply at the door. He had his own key so went inside and found him still in bed. They think it was a heart attack or something.

The funeral is tomorrow and I’ve been told I have to wear a black suite. He never really went to church but it looks like it’s gonna be a full on church and after party funeral with procession, flowers, speeches, food and drink.
I hate stuff like this at the best of times so I’m not looking forward to it.


drew said...

I know your Mom really appreciates your support at this time. She lost her brother and especially at that age has to be a big shock. Your being a good son. Hope everything goes well tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

your a great guy being there for your mum and family:)

your in my thoughts

Paul said...

Funerals are more for the benefit of those left behind. It's important to your Mum that you attend, no matter your own feelings on the matter.

naturgesetz said...

It's good that you've been able to be there as a support for your Mum.

You may not be feeling as bad as she is, but it's clearly a loss that you are feeling too. The funeral and the gathering afterwards may not be pleasant, but try to approach it with the idea that these are all people who are there out of respect for your uncle. That may help you get some comfort from the events.

I'm sure your cousin appreciates your presence too.