Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Big Puff

You can always tell when a celebrity is getting old. The interviewer announce their age as if it's some kind of state secret and then the audience gives them a round of applause, presumably to congratulate them on reaching that age without dying yet.
You expect that of someone in their 80s or 90s i suppose, but the other night i saw Jeff Bridges get a patronising clap for being 60. Daniels Dad said, "that's not fucking old, people will clap any old shite, what does he want, an award or something ?".

Daniels Dad moans constantly and is sometimes quite funny with it without knowing. I've never noticed it much before but over the weekend i saw more of him than i normally do and it suddenly stood out more than it normally does.
He thinks The Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a one eyed twat and The Winter Olympics is just people winning medals for sliding up and down. "they wanna get to Washington, those buggers know what snow is, not these silly sods wrapped in plastic sliding down hills on tea trays!"

I spoke to Daniel on the phone tonight and in the background i could hear him complaining about the news and how they are reporting stories that are not news in his eyes.
Then Peter Mandelson (Gay Politician)must have come on screen
"Peter bloody Mandelson, i can't stand the bloke, the big puff....no offence Daniel, but he is"
Daniel just tutted and we continued our conversation.

It may sound strange, but i wish my relationship with my dad was like that.
I know that in print it sounds like a terrible thing for him to say but It's not really like that and at least they can talk about it in front of each other, and Daniel can answer back.
In my family it's as if the word gay should never be mentioned in case we all disappear into a parallel world where the sky's are falling in.
If my dad had said something similar there would have been a deafening silence as he suddenly realised what he had said and then my mum would have changed the subject fast.


drew said...

it seems your parents were supportive in your move. I guess you have to look at actions and words. Maybe it will start with actions and one day move forward where you can discuss things with them. I do understand your situation. My parents are deceased but I never considered coming out to them..

naturgesetz said...

With my parents it was always the elephant that must not be named. Maybe it was easier because I've always been celibate, so there wasn't much to talk about.

Silence is better than anger, hostility, or throwing you out of their lives. But it would be nice if your folks could speak openly.

Paul said...

I thought Daniel's Mum and Dad were away at the weekend? or am I just confused again.

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Anonymous said...

I think unfortunatly your relationship with the parents is more the norm...so sad.

Mambam said...

I think it will always be like this and i have to get used to it.

The elephant in the room just about sums it up

They were. and came back Sunday, Please note that if i blog at weekends the chances are i'm not actually here and have scheduled something to post later. In fact i'll let you into a little secret. I left home saturday morning and didn't get home until Midnight Sunday ;-)

I think it's more of a norm as well.