Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Surprise Surprise !

I'm in shock tonight.
I have been given £1000 in my uncles will !!
I never expected anything and it's come out of the blue. What can you say to that ?.

I'm quite touched really, and i must admit i felt a bit emotional when i was told.
Of course my mum and dad have been doing that "make sure you spend it wisely, put it in a high interest bank account..." thing.
I did imagine a big bender one weekend but i'm not that stupid.

I also feel a bit awkward because since he died i haven't been to the grave.
I don't think he's there. He only went once and they buried him in it. I have no memories of my Uncle in a graveyard so why go ? is my take on it.
My mum has been loads of times and it's turning into some sort of chore. I can see here getting to the stage where she feels guilty for not going, which is stupid.

Anyway the dosh is going into the bank and will be my cushion should anything go wrong and i need it. I'm trying to imagine it's not there, which it isn't yet of course because i haven't got the cheque yet.

What a happy surprise. As my father used to say when he feigned surprise.
"well bugger me!"
P.s. Since i came out he seems to have dropped that phrase for some reason.


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful surprise...wow!

I agree about the grave yard, I went all the time when My mum first passed, then opne day i was there and realized, this is dumb she isnt here...

Luis Blasini said...

Nostalgia...we all burn in it's fire.

naturgesetz said...

That's a pleasant surprise, and good of your uncle. I agree that you are wise to try to save it for an emergency or something of comparable importance.

I'm not much for visiting graves. As you say, the person isn't there. It's all right to go just to honor the person — even if he isn't there, his earthly remains are — but when people think they are actually visiting their loved one, have conversations with him, imagine that he really cares about plants and flowers, I think they go a bit too far. Hopefully your mum finds it consoling and it's helping her through her grief.

LOL at your dad dropping that phrase.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the person who died not being in the graveyard (in fact I don't believe anyone really thinks they are, not really), but maybe those places are like an aid to remembering the person, and honouring the memory of them. Could be they concentrate the mind until we can either remember without needing help, or memory fades. Personally I don't believe dead people are anywhere except in the genetic makeup of their descendants, and the minds of those who knew them, but that's important.

drew said...

My father died last October but I have not been back to his grave. I know his body is there but his soul has gone on it's next journey, hopefully a happier one. I think your Uncle is probably with him!! I think it is very nice that he remembered you. You'll figure out how to handle your money... Put it on red at a roulette table!!! ;-)

Dean Grey said...

How much is that in U.S. dollars, Mambam?

It's nice to know your uncle thought of you in that way!


Windswept said...

Well, that's a stroke of luck, seems like a nice little cushion for those sudden emergencies, (or bargains !)

@ Dean £1,000 GBP is about $1,512 USD
at todays X-rate.

Mambam said...

I agree completly

I'm nostagic for 1999. It was a good year for me. I was happy that year.

Yes and i haven't hear him say "what a bummer" when somthing goes wrong either.

I know my mum likes going. But i wonder how long before she stops .

I'll but a lotto tickit this friday and hope that will do.

No Idea

Thanks, now i do.