Friday, 8 October 2010

Bum Bum Bum

Daniel has a big red spot on one of his arse cheeks. It looks really sore and tender. Even walking seems to be painful. I don’t think he appreciates me telling everyone he’s got hemorrhoids but he does look like he’s got one finger up his bum when he’s walking. This has happened before so he must be the most unlucky person in the world. Either that or it best he avoid taking up a career in Wildlife Photography. He's liable to get stung or eaten by something.

Top tip of the day for those who don't know - If your gonna try killing a wasp may I suggest you don’t stick it in your pants and sit on it.LOL

Nice bum thought !.

Anyways, if he's feeling better next week a fella he knows has offered us some cash to do some labouring work one night next week

It involves loading some stone onto a wagon and then unloading it again somewhere else. It all sounds a bit too much like hard work too me but it’ll only take three and a half hours tops and we get £35 each.

What with tomorrow night and this, I’m in the money at the moment this is brilliant. ;-)
All i gotta do is the extra work now ;-(


Anonymous said...

Loading stone at night?

Is it his stone you're loading or someone elses?

naturgesetz said...

Good advice on killing wasps.

Will you be observing Daniel's bum each day so you can report to him and us how the recovery is going? LOL

Be sure to save some of the money for your trip to visit us here in the States.

Anonymous said...

Certainly sounds dodgy.

If I was going on a stone heist it would be diamonds I'd be nicking not lumps of granite.

Paul said...

Michael, I used to think you were a nice kind-hearted lad. Now I realise you are just as sick and cruel as I am myself! Poor Daniel.

Mambam said...

When i say night i don't mean in the middle of the night. I mean after i finish work in the evening from his back yard.
And Paul, i think you will find that Daniel would have been even worse if it had been me.

Finally can i remind you that Daniel is my mate not my boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

probably herpes on his butt