Thursday, 25 November 2010

Brokeback mountain 2

Had a nice night out last night, food, but no drink.

After the meal i was bored shitless. Pubs are for drinking and socialising in. If your gonna sit with a coke, forget it, go home. So i did.

More preparations for my Holidays today and looking up flight and check in stuff always raises a smile. I know it's security and all that but it does sound funny to be told not to try bring any Radioactive materials or a catapult onto the plane.

I saw a bag on the apple website that i was thinking of buying. It has solar panels on it and all you need to do is plug your phone into it to recharge. It would save having to get an adaptor for American voltage and i could still use it at home but it was £90 and i'm not sure if  it's too big to be carrying around and onto the plane. Anyone got one ?.

I wonder if there will be WiFi at the villa ?. It would be nice to be able to blog or post the odd picture from over there. Anyone got any suggestions on that front ?(time i used some of this blogging network for good for a change). We arn't staying in a hotel. In fact i don't know where we are staying till we get there, parents are doing all the bookings. It all sounds a bit like Butlins to me. Still, theres a pool and a car that's all i need to know.

I'll be going as single person (no boyfriend) so who knows, i might meet a nice American boy or better still a Cowboy.
Brokeback mountain 2 :-))


drew said...

You need to ask your parents for the name of the place and check their website. Most places have wi-fi. Also you can buy a cord for charging almost anywhere and they are pretty cheap compared to the money you are thinking of spending. I think you do need a go ole US cowboy to tame you!! You might get tamed by one of those TSA's at the airport. You need to wear the sing "don't touch my junk."

naturgesetz said...

Butlins looks like just the thing, if that's the kind of holiday you like.