Saturday, 6 November 2010

Homophobic Rants

I don't really look at my U-Tube Channel much. I just go on to watch stuff not meet people, chat or interact. I reply to no-one and take no notice of my mail.
I do log on properly every now and then though because you get recommended vids judged on the stuff you have already viewed and liked. But if i'm honest it's a bit like I Tunes recommendations. They are usually shit and bare no relation to anything i like.

Anyways i did have a look the other night and amongst the comments i removed from my channel were.
"die you fucking queer" and "i hope you get aids..the bad kind".
Nice eh ?. The kind ones just typed, " god that is so fucking gay!". As if it's a bad thing.

In real life (face to face) i'm sure we have all had the homophobic bile at some point or other in our lives. But nothing ever seems to compare to stuff that people vent from the anonymity of the Internet. I have to say that it's not just aimed at gay people. It's what happens on the Internet to almost anyone and i'm sure lots of other gay bloggers have had it.
When that woman put that cat in the bin a few weeks ago i saw posts by people who named her, gave her address, telephone number and ended off by saying "go get the bitch, she deserves to die". If you don't believe me take a look. How do they get away with that ?.

Anyway Since i started this blog a few years ago i've had everything from strange men wanting to pay for me to travel half the way around the world to meet them through to a thousand word rant on god hating gays and what i should do to repent.
The reason i am writing all this is because over the last week or so i've had emails that made me realise i need to be a bit more careful about revealing too much about myself on here.
I forget myself and get carried away. On facebook it's just family, on a blog it's anyone.
What was i thinking ?.  
I suppose i'm just the same as those bile filled toss pots who get a kick out of abusing people from the keyboard in their smelly bedrooms.
I forget that there are real people out there reading this stuff. Most of the time it's just water off a ducks back, but now and then it can get to you. Let someone stand in front of me and be a bit weird and i can handle it. Do it from the shadows and it's unsettling.
I need to look over this blog a bit more closely and remove stuff.


Allen said...

Well I also have youtube. I posted a Gay Parade one year, and let me tell you all the hateful comments I have gotten. It has not stopped at all. I still get them to this day.

People think that since they are at home they can say what ever they fill and its ok.

I too have been thinking I've put to much about my self too. Facebook mostly. I changed my facebook picture so that my face is now my cats face. I also have "friends" that are truly not my friends there. I started it for advertising for my blog, but then I had real friends start hitting me up. So now its a mixture of people.

I have had 2 (real life friends) blew me some sh!t about a post that I did on facebook. They told me that I will die and go to hell for it. I removed them from my friends list and have never spoke to them again.

I pretty much take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to the internet.

Have a good day,
Dont let it stress you to much.

naturgesetz said...

Facebook can be more than just friends if you don't restrict access.

No doubt this has been unsettling for you, and I think it's a good reminder to everyone that what we put out on the internet is there for all to see.

Without getting paranoid over it, it's probably a good idea not to give away information that could allow a positive identification. On the other hand, at your age and level of maturity, you're at much less risk from predators or stalkers than teenagers are.

Raver4Life said...

Some people are just shit! :D


PS- I kind of had a chukle at the cat lady

Vilges Suola said...

I get US Christians on You Tube trying to save my soul all the time. They parrot moronic terms like 'gay lifestyle' and 'gay agenda', and e-mail me dozens of quotes from Leviticus and Paul. Most are not at all abusive, and once they realise I am not a 'seeker' but have a huge number of objections to their ideas of morality and the good life, they back off.

The depth of ignorance, prejudice and sheer nastiness displayed on You Tube is depressing, but don't let it get to you. If they are abusive, they deserve pity from people with more generous souls.

drew said...

I enjoy your blog. I have respect for anyone who takes on a blog. I know that any particular post something can be revealed unintentionally. I have no desire to invade someone else's space but unfortunately the "not so normal" folks do. This medium is perfect for staying in the shadows. At least you are aware of what's going on and just do you best to avoid any problems. Ok, on to the good stuff! Any luck last night??? ;-)

Mambam said...

Thanks for all your kind comments and advice.
And drew.
Nothing happened over the weekend. I'm not the same sober. Less forward, more shy, so less likely to get a shag !

drew said...

Michael, you suffer from personality in a bottle or liquid courage which ever you call it. Maybe the idea is to have a few quick ones, get the buzz going and run on what is in the tank vs filling the tank to the brim!!
I know easier said than done. As you get older you appreciate alcohol management. Hits you pretty hard if you fill it to the brim! Good luck!!

Mind Of Mine said...

I find it hard to care when people leave harsh comments, in particular, homophobic comments.

I don't pay them any mind and it just doesn't hold any weight with me.