Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tiny Tim

I'm going to a pub tonight. Not for a drink of course, which sort of defeats the object as far as i am concerned.

Anyway there will be food involved so it's not a complete waste of time. The problem is, what do you do until then ?. I'm bloody starving, i last ate at 12 noon and i can't see me getting any nosh until at least 8.30 so do i fit a quick snack in now or starve myself ?.

I've downloaded twitter to my mobile. I always think twitter is shit. What is the point ot it ? (he said in his blog). I tried using it a while ago but lost interest. Now i've got my I-phone i need something else loaded onto it that i can piss about with. I-Phones are a bag of shite as a telephone but are addictive for everything else. I've loaded every app that ever interested me and now i'm looking for more. I'ts like a drug. I'm turning into the person i always hated. The I-phone user who wont put the fucking thing down.

Question, how can you tell if someone has an I-phone ?
Answer, They tell you about it!!.

Anyways, until i lose interest again my twitter feeds are to the right. It means i can sort of micro blog in between these posts. and basically write a line of irrelevant shit that may come into my head when Daniel goes to the bar (or for a piss) and i'm sat on my own. 
I might try pictures too ;-0

It's bloody freezing right now and i actually considered adding an extra layer of underwear just to keep my dangly bits warm.
At the moment it looks like a chipolata. If i lived in a hot country it would probably be the size of a babies arm.
If John Holmes lived in Halifax he'd just be normal size.


Vilges Suola said...

I can't see the point in twitter either. Or in i-phones. I have a cracked and battered Nokia that's five years old and works well enough. Once when I left it in a classroom a colleague returned it to me saying she knew it was mine since only I would have such an ancient mobile.

Paul said...

Try downloading kindle for iphone? I have an android phone and what with that and demonoid I'm happy to have technology that was on my to buy list for £100+

drew said...

I have read some tweets but can't say I get into that. I had the blackberry when it first came out that was in synch with my outlook at my business but I got tired of answering emails so I went back to just a basic phone. When the employees need me they will call but half the time they hear it ringing in my office, oops!! I watch people walking around with their phones in their faces checking if they missed a call, text or who knows what!!

I am so happy I am not in that generation..

drew said...

P.S. Michael, Johnny Holmes turns into mini-meat!! Must be cold as hell!!

Mambam said...


You sound like my dad talking about his record player.

If i won the lottery, i'd probably spend most of the cash in Currys and PC World

If i had a basic phone now i think i'd feel like i had lost my left arm.
You may as well take the phone away from me completely.
And i'm afraid i'd probably kill you for it first.