Thursday, 11 November 2010

Twist in my Sobriety

I'll never have any bloody money me. Even when i try saving some cash a crisis comes along and takes it off me.
I had a flat tyre today and when the guy came sort it he suggested that i get the front and another back one done at the same time.
Shit Fuck and Fuckety fuck.

Note to self- New Year Resolution - Must stop swearing.
My mother slapped me around the head the other night for saying bollocks in her company.

On the plus side. I had a good night out last night. I still managed to avoid drink and yet i enjoyed it.

I am a completely different person sober. In the same way that i am a different person in real life to the one you read about on this blog.
In real life i'm probably not as forward, opinionated and winging.

I'm not sure i'm a better person or not though. Sometimes it's better to be more open and less inward.
I do know that i get more attention when i've had a drink because i'll talk to anyone. When i'm sober i only speak to people who talk to me. It wouldn't enter my head to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger unless he made the first move.

I'm not talking about getting pissed and slurring my words whilst hanging round the neck of someone who happens to walk past. I just mean feeling a little more confident. One drink can do that for me. (i'm sounding like an alcoholic here aren't i ?).

I enjoyed tonight because i was with a group of friends. Everyone else in the room was irrelevant and just atmosphere. This weekend it'll be a proper night out in Manchester, lots of strangers, drunk people and me on the pull. I wonder if i'll still like the Manchester Club scene stone cold sober, with no drugs and my head in full working order ?.
Sobriety isn't good for my sex life me thinks.


naturgesetz said...

Having one drink loosen you up doesn't sound like being an alcoholic to me. That's just what alcohol can do for people.

If you were an alcoholic, you wouldn't be able to go without drinking, as you're doing.

Still, I think it's a useful exercise to get to know how the sober Michael feels about things — the places you go, the things you and your mates do.

drew said...

I agree with naturgesetz. My father was sort of stiff when sober but when he had a couple he opened up. I think it lets down your defenses some. In my experience in drinking (can you say Masters degree) I find that people drink too fast. They don't give alcohol enough time to register. If you take it more slowly the buzz will come and then you can determine if you want to continue or stop. I want to have a good time, be able to face the people I partied with the next day and not feel like the night before took it's toll on me. I try to keep a count of my drinks. Another no-no is having someone pouring them very strong. You might as well count 2 for 1 when that happens. Some people want to see you on your ass... Can you say Professional!!