Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Weak End

Didn't have time to blog last night. Went over to my mum and dads.
Never refuse free food, that's my motto.

Today has been a nightmare at work. One of those really stressful days where everything goes wrong. I won't bore you with the details although  i will say i can handle any problem as long as it's made by me. But if i'm taking the rap for someone else i get really pissed off. A work Colleague is away for Eid and i'm stepping into his shoes. He's cocked up something that is making problems for customers and staff alike. But as he's not here to explain his mistake, i have to field the questions for him. When he gets back i'm gonna rip his bollocks off.

Over the weekend i had a night out in Manchester. Sober !.
I'm not sure i enjoyed it. Not that i was dying for a drink or anything. It just lost it's shine by about midnight that's all. Being sober around people who are pissed isn't much fun. Things that they think are funny, you don't. They get louder and louder and eventually start to irritate.
If you are gonna have a night out with people who are gonna get pissed, you must be blotto yourself. It's like being excluded from a joke or not joining in at a party.
I met a guy early on that seemed quite nice. But within an hour he turned into an arsehole.

I'm sure that someone will leave a comment that suggests i'm like that myself when i've had a few (naturgesetz ? Lol). However i would also like to say a night out on the pop is just artificial and a  bit of fun. I don't expect people to be like that during the day. I think i was the boring party pooper really.

I wanted to come home early. I might as well have taken my car for what it was worth. I could have picked up plenty of drunks, taken them home and had my wicked way with them. But i was sober, and they didn't look sexy being sick in a gutter or shouting at the top of their voice in the middle of the road.
Next time it think we need to avoid the piss pubs and go for something a little more sophisticated. Drink, meal, show. LOL.
I'm sounding like an old fart and i've only been doing it a week.

I climbed into bed, had a quick wank and fell asleep. What a great Saturday night that was.


naturgesetz said...


No need to suggest what you've figured out for yourself. LOL

But seriously, I'm glad you've realized all that about people when they're drunk. I hope Daniel doesn't think he has created a monster. (If so, have him try an evening without drinking so he can see what you've seen.)

The question is: now that you know what drunk people are really like, after the month is over do you want to try having one or two to see if that makes them tolerable, or have you already seen enough to decide that the scene really isn't how you want to be or how you want to spend your time?

Drink, meal, show isn't a bad way to spend an evening, IMO. (I should be less of a recluse and invite other people along instead of just going by myself.)



P.S. Yeah, it really does stink when somebody else makes a mess of things and you're left to fix it.

Mind Of Mine said...

I cannot go out without drinking, which says a lot about me, I notice all these qualities in people that I probably would not have noticed had I been drunk myself.

It makes me think ill of them, in that present moment and sometimes, forever.

Vilges Suola said...

For once I agree with Naturgesetz. Drink, meal and a show, providing you choose the show carefully, isn't a bad idea at all. Theatre is extortionately expensive though - I'd rather spend the money on good food and good wine unless there's something truly electrifying on. Or you could get into giving dinner parties!!! There's a real sign that you've joined the grown ups. It's a far more edifying activity than heaving beer into the gutter - that's a spectacle that makes me ashamed to be English

Mambam said...

Dinner parties are out. I'm not having people trampling around my house.
Movies perhaps, er... But i'm running out of ideas then.
What the fuck do you do when you're skint ?.
Bowling ?. Snooker ?.

Sauna, sex club, porn theatre, those toilets down by the .....

naturgesetz said...

If there are enough movie screens around and the features change often enough, they may take care of your entertainment needs most weeks.

Okay, hold off the dinner parties for now; but a home cooked meal with a drink is less expensive than exactly the same thing in a restaurant. So if the dinner part of the evening is just you and Daniel, you can save plenty by having it at yours at least some of the time. Of course it's nice to go out to dinner sometimes too.

drew said...

What other venues do people your age do that you can engage with some gay folks? Are there clubs/bars/social outlets that the people there don't get drunk but do party? At my age I really can't help you out other than suggesting some ideas to you. I wish I could..

david said...

hello.. my name is david and im an alcoholic... youre sober pub experience is the story of my later life... sucks donkey bag for shore... i quit going to the bars for exactly this reason.. to enjoy drunken fags, i have to be one..
as far as entertaining on no money, idk, hustle billiards, gym time with your mates, long boring walks along the water-front... here in socal the museums in the park are free on tuesdays...

~ cheers...