Friday, 12 November 2010

Wind up my wings

Bloody hell it was windy last night.

I had to go outside and drag my dustbin and recycling boxes into the garage for the night. This morning the garden looked like someone had broken in and obliterated it.

I read somewhere on the Internet that the worst time to go to Disneyland is Christmas/New Year.
It's the peak period and packed full of people. Oh Great!.

Tonight i'm gonna try Manchester Sober. That'll be interesting won't it ?> I should imagine i'll be back home by 10.30.
Have a good weekend everyone.;-)


Mind Of Mine said...

The wind was crazy, on Thursday night, it blew the barriers in the smoking area of The Thompson arms, as well as taking half the sign as well.

Its now called the ompson Arms.

Mambam said...

been better if it had been Thompson Ar s