Monday, 23 May 2011

Donate a Day

On the telly this morning i saw something about a 'donate a day" charity thing. They are asking people to donate a day to help someone or some organisation.
I don't have time but i thought i would take a look. I always wished i had a job that meant something to someone instead of shuffling paper around. And now that i'm sort of looking after my dad on and off i've got a taste for it.
But i didn't wanna do just anything. I'm not fucking interested in The Dogs trust or the Royal Horticultural Society (Eh?). so i went for the Terrence Higgins Trust. Well what do expect?, i'm a poof..
I found a link to the website and found out how to volunteer and who to ring. But was hit with...

"At present we have no vacancies for volunteers in North England - please check back soon or contact Naomi to put yourself on the waiting list."

I've been over to my parents this weekend. My dad is ill again. They think it's an infection and he's on antibiotics
I think he’s taken a turn for the worst. I thought he would start getting better as time went on, but he seems to be up and down a lot. Eating food is like a game of Russian roulette. Sometimes he’s fine with it. Other times it makes him really poorly.
And I can see in his eyes that he’s had enough. I suppose that when you have been ill for a long period of time it’s not just about the illness, it’s about how long you can stand feeling that way.
He’s already said he wished he hadn’t bothered having an operation and just let nature take its course.
How do you cheer someone up who feels like that?

As i type this i’ve just realised I still haven’t arranged transport to get to the airport as well. I looked at all the options, but never got round to doing it.
To be honest I’m in two minds whether to go now. If he’s really ill the week I go away what will I do?
What a shitty weekend it was.


naturgesetz said...

You've more than donated a day to help your dad.

As for going on holiday, I think you should. The time away can refresh you. And you know that your dad will have his good times and his bad times, so it's just luck of the draw which will predominate while you're away. Caregivers need time off, and that includes you.

When you get back, you'll have the holiday to remember and cheer you up when things get rough. You can also tell your dad about the parts that aren't X rated.

Kemptoo said...

It is a tough decision, go or not to go. That call you are going to have to make on your own depending on how bad your Dad is.

Thinking of you & your family :)

drew said...

Tough decision. I would imagine your Dad would want you to go if you asked him. I hope in time your Dad's condition stabilizes. Wish I had all the answers for you.