Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day one

Never slept a wink last night, how can you sleep when the sun is still shining outside and the birds are singing in the trees.
But I needed to be up for 3.30 am to get to the airport in good time so I had to force myself into an early night..
Everything seemed to go well at the airport we arrived in good time dumped our luggage and went for something to eat. A full English breakfast, sausage, beans, egg, hash browns, the works. Yum.
Then we got on the plane and it all went tits up. A technical fault left us sitting like chickens in a coupe for an hour and a half And I was sat in front of a screaming child (again). Children under 3 shouldn't be allowed on planes unless they are muffled.
In the end a flight attendant announced that the delay was due to someone flushing a nappy down the toilet so we would be flying with one bog down.
He followed this with another announcement "today's in flight movie will be... meet the........ Er.... Fockers!!
I think it was an old VHS copy because it was unwatchable.
Then they tried to sell us magazines, drinks and headphones, before asking us to part with more cash for some charity or other. But no worries because the in flight meal came next, which was a full English breakfast of eggs, beans, sausage....etc. Doh !!.
When we eventually arrived there was a 45 minute wait sat on a coach. Our rep went looking for some missing passengers who never appeared. Then we eventually set off to the hotel, only to be told that our stop would be drop number 9. It took 1 hour 30 minutes to get from airport to hotel.
I was hot, irritable and really fed up.
Then we were allocated our rooms. Two singles (lol) but next door to each other.
Even I could tell they were really shit rooms. I think they just assumed that we wouldn't be bothered but we were. There is a huge air conditioning unit outside my window and we overlook a flat roof.
This is a four or five star hotel is it?
We complained but they said they couldn't move us until tomorrow.
£25 to have a safe for valuables and wifi only Accessible at reception.
It's going well don't you think?
Let's hope there is some totty about or I'm outta here.
Already spotted one in the restaurant tonight though and a quick stroll on the beach looked promising. Lots of Germans around. so you never know ;-)


naturgesetz said...

It seems one should never expect to enjoy traveling by air.

I hope you'll get better rooms.

At least the surroundings look nice in your photos. And the Germans should be very friendly once you've hoisted a pint or two with them and sung a chorus of "In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus!" (You'll recognize the tune right away — it's their most famous drinking song.) Shucks, they'll probably be friendly even without the song. :)

naturgesetz said...

Had to post again because the next word verification is "ingest."

So be sure to ingest plenty of the Greek specialities and wash it down with moderate amounts of beer. But watch out for the ouzo.

Anonymous said...

apparently greece has become one of the third world countries currently holding membership in the EU... - who knew?

~ cheers...

B. said...

Sounds nice, I'm going to Kavos in 10 days ;) Looks kinda same