Saturday, 11 June 2011


Visited the old town today. It's just a short walk away.
The whole place is ancient and surrounded by a big wall. There are several entrances but once you get inside it's like a maze of little streets no wider than a car. It's easy to get lost inside and we were warned to take a map with us, but of course we didn't. We just had to retrace our steps back the way we came to get back out
again. This was more like it, it seemed like we were actually in Greece for a change. Previous walks seemed to be much like home (apart from the half naked people strolling by). But this was like a trip back in time.

It was scorching hot and I've caught it on my face, but it didn't stop us coming back and sitting by the pool all afternoon in the blistering sun.

Tonight we have just discovered faliraki ;-)))))

Party time !!!


naturgesetz said...

That photo looks like the real thing. Glad you found it.

P.S. I googled Faliraki and found a map which shows a nudist beach south of Faliraki beach. It looks as if there's a breakwater between the two.

Mind Of Mine said...

Oh, nudist beach. Interesting. Will you be getting your birthday out?

Vilges Suola said...

Am envious - up to a point. I could never get to like the Greek summer, all itchy, sweaty and knackering. But it vibrates in a way England doesn't. And the young men are gorgeous.

Mambam said...

Thanks for your comments.
I'll take you all with me next time