Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ready For Go

Well that's it then, i've got everything ready to stick in a suitcase. As long as things go ok i'll be flying to Greece this week.
I know i haven't been blogging properly for a while. I've been at my parents or the hospital most of the time but if there is internet acess over there i'll do like i did in America and spend some time writing up and posting pics of my short stay.
If you hear nothing it means we are no where near anywhere with a signal.

My dad is feeling a bit better and back home but still not 100% so i'm not sure i should go. But he wouldn't be happy if i didn't and  let's face it i can't do anything over here anyway.

Fingers crossed i can take some pics of the locals getting a nice tan (LOL)


naturgesetz said...

Bon voyage!

Looking forward to hearing about it when you have a chance.

drew said...

I hope you and Daniel have a great time!!! As your last commenter said in your last post, Live in the moment... I thought it was great advice.. even for me. Stay safe.
Of course we want to hear from you if possible!!

Vilges Suola said...

Have a good time. I lived in Greece for 15 years and still enjoy going back there. Hope you have chosen a reasonably gay-friendly place - there aren't that many of them.

Mind Of Mine said...

Have a great trip! I had to explain why I was looking at 'Porn' the other day in work. I was reading your blog, I guess I will have to add it to the not safe for work list! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice arse btw.

Have a great break.

Give a little whistle.