Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I had a lovely evening with Daniel last night.  He stayed at my place and we sat watching TV and drank a bit. nothing special, just company.
I went to bed sober (ish) because i was working in the morning.
At about midnight an ambulance pulled up outside next doors house. Two paramedics climbed out and were met at the door by one of my neighbours. The nosey side of me went out to see what was happening but they all went inside and shut the door behind them. How frustrating is that?.

It's like someone turning the telly over just when it gets to the best bit.
Real life is never like TV. You don't get to see the interesting stuff. God owns the remote and he's forever flicking channels.
I've still no idea what happened. There hasn't been a hearse parked up so i assume it was just an illness thing.

Today, half the country has been on strike as public sector workers shout about their pensions being raided. Even though all us private sector workers are in the same boat and our pensions are fucked up as well. But hey, as long as it doesn't effect them who cares about the rest of us. After all it's us that would be paying for it and i'm struggling to pay my own bills. I find it difficult to fell sympathy. Hang a banker if you have to but don't expect me to cough up extra for other people mistakes (a little bit of politics..goodnight).
Anyway there has been an upside to all this. The horrible woman i usually work with has been away for a few days to visit relatives in the US for thanksgiving.
And she's had to extend her stay by a day to avoid Heathrow.

So i'd like to take this opportunity to thanks all those people on the picket lines.
Well done. Can i suggest you extend it for a couple of weeks. Especially in the Heathrow area.


wannes48 said...

Hey, I'm really glad you're back to blogging again! I like to read you!

Stef (Brussels, Belgium)

Mambam said...

I thank you Stef

Mind Of Mine said...

Yes, I am glad you are back.

Why is the woman you work with horrible?