Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Don't read this if you are eating

Daniel rang last night and sounded like he had a peg on his nose. He's got a cold and was all bunged up.
After about 15 minutes i had to tell him i was going. He kept snooking and it was turning my stomach.
I can't handle people with snotty noses and catarrh. Especially when they do that loud snoot followed by a big swallow.
Eeerrrkkk. Worse still are the ones that spit. there is never any reason in the world to spit. I don't give a shit if you've got a gob full of acid. Don't spit in my company or i'm liable to spew up at the side of you.

I don't even like it when i'm blowing my own nose. That horrible grobb sound when you managed to clear it is about as horrible as that wa-wa thing people do trying to loosten it up. Hanky in hand, one finger over the left nostril and blow like your playing a mouth organ.
Quick change the subject i'm feeling all queer. LOL

This time last year i was preparing to go to America....Sigh... How depressing a thought is that?.

I've started wanking with talcum powder. Some people use lube, some use other lubricants, but i've discovered talcum powder. It smells better and leaves your willy all soft.
Try it, you might like it. Ha!

That would make a good survey if i could be bothered to set one up. What do you use ? or do you go dry ?.
I need something because i can be at it for ages. Holding back, then building up again to nearly there and back again. i can go on for hours if i'm alone and bored.  I'd be red raw if i didn't use something.

Do you think i'm getting a bit too personal here ?.


naturgesetz said...

If you're alone and bored, you could read a book!

Just now, I've started "The Law of Similars," by Chris Bohjalian. It's about a widowed state's attorney (prosecutor) with a four year old daughter. He starts going to a homeopath for a remedy for his lingering cold symptoms. One of the homeopath's patients, an asthmatic, has died, and apparently the homeopath is about to be accused of a crime. And this prosecuting attorney is falling in love with her.

I don't usually read fiction, but this was a gift, and now I'm engrossed.

I only spit into a tissue — except when I'm alone and in the bathroom: then I use the sink. But I'm not going to swallow the slimy stuff.

drew said...

Well, if I am bored and I am going to read it would be a gay porn magazine to assist me in my pleasure. You are just writing about what people think about and do.. Plus some new idea (talc powder) to consider.

Dealing with colds in a total pain and there is hardly any good way to do it.. It's all gross!

Mambam said...

I go through fazes of book reading. I can go months without reading anything, then do three or four in a row when i'm in the mood.
I'm not usually a fiction reader either.


I agree, but i wonder why snot is gross but spunk isn't?. It's the same sort of consistancy ;-0