Friday, 9 December 2011

Weak end

Heading towards the weeeeeeeekend and i'm skint again. Daniel has suggest we have some sort of christmas party at my place one week. It'll be cheaper and we don't have to leave the house.
People bring their own booze, we just provide the location and the nibbles.
If we pick the right people it could be a good laugh.
Then he spoilt the whole thing by suggesting we could make it an underwear party or single men only. I think he's pushing it towards some sort of orgy. But not at my bloody house !!.
I'm not having strangers wandering round my home, splashing fluids all over my bed sheets.
Now if it were someone elses place.....;-)

Anyways, i'm off to my mums again, so i'll be back on Sunday. Have a good weekend everybody, i'll leave you with something to look at.

Something for the weekend


naturgesetz said...

Enjoy the weekend as best you can.

A non-orgy party sounds fun.

drew said...

Have a good one.. Ask you Mom what she thinks of Daniels idea!!! ;-) Make sure she is sitting down and have the smelling salts available!!