Monday, 22 June 2009

Boyfriend material

I met Rachel for Lunch again today. She says she has a new boyfriend and showed me a picture. I was very impressed. Then we got down to all the details. He is a trainee joiner, is 19, has a very fit body and is hung like a horse. LOL.
And they say women are just looking for personality. Well in Rachel's case this is true, but they must also have the added bonus of being attractive, have a good fit body and be brilliant in bed.
I can't wait to meet him in the flesh.

There is something about a good looking hetero guy that interests me. I know of other Gay men who feel the same. It's not that i want to get them into bed -perhaps in my dreams- but there is something different about them. Maybe because they are out of your reach is what fascinates me, or perhaps it's not feeling like you have to try because you know you have no chance.

When i came out one of the first gay friends i had was a guy called Steve. He had this thing about trying to get hetero men to have sex with him. All his porn was hetero, and he wasn't actually interested in anyone who he knew was gay. In the end i went off him because he seemed like a bit of a predator.
He would try hit on, or be suggestive with, any guy he fancied, including my straight mates, and they didn't like it. I still don't know how he didn't get decked, perhaps it was because he was built like a brick shit house and was well equipped enough to defend himself.

Later in the afternoon there was a fire in the office. It wasn't a big one, in fact it was more smoke than fire. Some electrical equipment started smouldering and one of the women went into panic mode and pressed the fire bell.
In the event of a major incident in future i assume we will all do the same as we did today. Walk slowly to the door, taking our cups of tea with us, perhaps the odd person going for a wee on the way out.


vilges suola said...

In 1991 there was a bomb scare at the office where I worked in Athens. The boss ordered in a coffee and a sarnie from outside and sat defiantly in the office. The fuzz arrived with a sniffer dog but did not take him up to the office 'in case he got hurt'. Us teachers went for coffee in Syntagma Square, just round the corner and waited eagerly for the office and boss to be blown to Kingdom Come... didn't happen, though. Big disappointment.

Mambam said...

Slowly burning in agony is a much better way to lose a boss than going up in a sudden puff of smoke any day.
Sorry, I’m just thinking evil thoughts now aren’t I?

vilges suola said...

Oh, I don't know - I liked the thought of his false teeth and braces being propelled at high velocity through the windows.

Anonymous said...

you guys want to try being in charge of an underground rail station (on Merseyside) and having to evacuate that.

Ever since the Kings Cross Underground station fire on that escalator, every u/g evac is timed and if you don't get them all out in the set time . . .

But you're quite right - folk dawdle.

Mambam said...

To be honest Micky, in the event of any kind of alarm on the underground i would probably be one of those idiots who panic and start climbing over little old ladies to get out.
I'm terrible in confined spaces, If a lift stops, the door has approx. 3 seconds to open and let me out before i start climbing the walls thinking it's stuck.