Monday, 22 June 2009

Dads Day

I went to see my dad yesterday. It was fathers day, you have to.

He was all jolly sat outside in the back garden, happy in the sun. All the family were there, the dog was running round out of control as usual and whenever anyone arrived he would weeing on them out of excitement. It was like the old days. But something was missing. You can't recapture that happiness can you ?. Our family has always been a sarcastic one. We always poke fun of each other. Not in an evil way, just joking. It's difficult to describe it. We can say insulting things to each other that no one else could do. We know where to draw the line and know what is funny and what isn't, because we have been doing it since birth.

But now no one knows what to say, It's as if the life has been sucked out of the family, we can't joke the same.

Dad was nice and we spoke and laughed, mum was over the moon that we were all together again. But no-one stopped as long as they used to. there wasn't as much laughter as there was in the past and the conversations were a little more stale and serious.

I can't decide whether it was a good day or not. I came away feeling happy and sad at the same time.

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naturgesetz said...

AWWW! That's too bad.