Saturday, 20 June 2009

Brace yourself i feel a party coming on

Ok it's party time again, weekend is here and i have decided to stop being miserable and let my hair down.
Tonight i am going with Daniel to a barbecue. I don't know the person who is hosting this little get together, or who will be there. It could be a group of old people, it could be a wild sex party. All i know is that i am in one of my moods and i am determined to enjoy it one way or another. If it's shit we will come away early and head into Mancs, or perhaps nip into an off licence and buy some cheap booze before coming home and having our own little party.

After i finish typing this I'm gonna soak in the bath for an hour, get my glad rags on, and head out into the night looking for something to write about tomorrow on this blog other than whoooo, poor me, look i might lose my job, what will i do ?.

Pull yourself together man, it's the weeeeeeeekkkkeeeennnddd ! and we all know what weekends are for don't we?.


torchy! said...

have a great time at the bbq. hope you get lots of sausage :P

and if you're offered something raw, make sure it's not from the bbq grill.

have fun

Anonymous said...

All work and no play made Mambam . . .

a right boring sod to read.


have a good time!

naturgesetz said...

You've let your hair grow since the photo was taken? lol

Interesting thing about weekends. They were made so people could get some shopping done even though everything was closed on Sunday. And now, hereabouts, everything is open on Sundays too, so that people won't have to cram all their shopping into Saturday. WTD???