Sunday, 21 June 2009

Party People make me happy

Although there was lots of drink flowing at this barbecue i managed to behave myself.
Lets face it barbecue's aren't really about the food are they ?. Well not the ones i have ever been to anyway. Burnt sausages and burgers dressed with salad in a bun splattered with tomato sauce is less inviting than a bottle of Bud. Besides i can't eat and drink at the same time. It's one or the other, and the eating part has to follow the drinking. I can't go for a meal and then a drink afterwards. It's drink first, food last.
If i ever do it the other way round i can't get drunk and i feel full before the night starts.

Anyway tonight i ignored the food altogether and went straight for the drink. I didn't really know the hosts, i was just going along for the ride. It was Daniel who got the invite and he decided to take me. There were women as well as guys at this party and the age range i would say ran from about 17 to 30 so inevitably there was at least one fight, Something got broken, a couple of people falling over, a girl getting her tits out for the lads and a certain amount of illegal substances.
The garage stunk to high hell and everyone in there seemed to look like they were high as hell too.
Ian was at the party, which was of no surprise to me. I don't ever actually see him selling his stuff and if i'm honest i don't often see him taking it either. But you would have to be an idiot not to know he is the one providing the Doosh and you can tell when he is up and when he is down.

Daniel bent over a table to get another bottle and Ian came up behind him and pretended to shag him up the arse. Then he moved on as if nothing had happened. He's in his own little world sometimes.

My mouth stopped working by about midnight and i was struggling to speak normal language, that's how alcohol effects me. Inside i was OK and quite eloquent, but my lips just gave in. It might also have been something to do with the big green cake that we were all eating. It wasn't any ones birthday and we were only allowed a certain sized slice if you get my drift. If it were a wine i would say it was an amusing little number, well it made me piss myself laughing afterwards anyway. Small childish jokes become the greatest comedy material ever told, and a feeling of happiness filled the air. I had a snog with a guy i think i liked but he was well gone as well so he might be waking up this morning wondering what i was like too.

Then i remember we danced a bit, played with some bubbles that someone had brought -don't ask me why- and fell asleep in the front room with lots of other people.
When i woke up i was sleeping next to a hairy bloke with a beard that had some of last nights food in it and a little bit of saliva dribbling down one side, eeeirggghh, he stunk of sweat as well, eeeeeeeiiiiiirrrrggghhh!.

It was quite funny to see all the pretty people from the night before looking all bed head and evil eyes. You can look a mess anytime, but when you add that just woke up strange eyes thing that people get, it changes them completely.
Anyway it was a good one. All that was missing was a shag. It seems like forever since i last climbed into bed with someone. I don't want to come across as a slapper, but my right hand can only do so much, there is something missing, and a nice toned smooth body wouldn't go amiss............ excuse me i have something else i need to do right now rather than blog.

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