Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Dark Thoughts or mind of a male ?

On TV Last night there was a Documentary about gang rape. When i saw it in the TV listings in the morning my brain said to itself. Mmmm must watch that.

Now I'm pretty sure that you are not supposed to repeat thoughts like this in public but i did actually think (only for a few seconds, honest) that it might be titillating. I in no way mean that i find it acceptable, Good grief NO!. But something in me added this program to a list of others worth watching. And if i am honest, all for entertainment value. So why ?
If i flick from one TV channel to another and i catch a glimpse of some flesh, it immediately makes me stop for a minute to see what it's all about. But i know I'm not the only person who does that. Would those same people specifically make a mental note to watch a documentary on Gang Rape ?.
In the end i didn't watch it because the more i thought about it the more i questioned my motives for wanting to watch it in the first place. I felt a bit ashamed of myself.

Perhaps i should be careful of the things i write about on this blog, just defecating anything that crosses my mind as i sit here might be dangerous. Then again, maybe we all think things that shame us and I'm just saying stuff that shouldn't be repeated out loud. On the other hand, it could be that it just says more about me than even i would like to know.

Other thoughts : Do people still buy Mucky Books ?. If so why ?


Anonymous said...

There are now several blogs which seem to go where many fear to tread and I think you know one or two of those anyway.

So are there things we should not talk about? Yay! I fear so.

We can't blog about terrorism, making bombs, assassinating people (even casually) and it's as well not to talk about the security services of most countries.

Then there's all the sexual things (like with animals, children and probably certain inanimate objects) and I'm not sure how much we should be talking about toilets, what we do in them or the churches because those things all upset someone.

There's probably loads of other things but who'd have thought you could run a blog which was full of photos of feet? another is about socks and another about drugs, sex and what many would call torture.

Makes someone carping about a photo I put on Smutty because he's seen it before, seem a rather small beer, don't it?

Blog on!

vilges suola said...

I thought the warning should have been ammended to 'some viewers may find this disturbing. Or they might get a stiffy'. It was not the rape and the horrifying attitude to women displayed by those boys that turned me to such thoughts, but the mental image of all those studs with their hard cocks out.

You can blog about anything. To hell with the squeamish. They are under no obligation to read what you say.

naturgesetz said...

It's all a question of whether you want people to know a certain thing about you. If you do, post it. If you don't want them to think ill of you and you're afraid they'll take it badly, keep it to yourself.

This particular post reflects well on you as being honest and principled.