Monday, 15 June 2009

Here we go again ?

The neighbour from hell is decorating his flat. As I came home tonight there were some old paint tins on my step and I couldn’t get up to my door, so I picked them up and plonked them outside his door instead.

Later on I heard a crashing sound. Apparently he must have come out and fell over them.
Something tells me this is all gonna start up again. The shouting and swearing I heard from downstairs was probably audible three streets away.


Anonymous said...

One of our neighbours could be building an extension to his house, a castle with a moat around it or, as he claims, a one level patio garden.

Either way the earthworks in the back garden and the skips on the front pavement have been a regular feature for over six months (Christmas just about excluded) and there's still no way of telling exactly what he and sundry workmen and male relatives are doing.


naturgesetz said...

Maybe this time you can sort it out verbally rather than fistically?

Seth said...

Oh man... that sounds like a totally sucky situation!!

There are so many things you could do in "Neighbor Wars" - oh I just get all excited thinking about them - but I guess I should be good and say that in the end its really not worth it.

Your best bet is to completely utterly ignore him. I don't think he's actually making noise and disturbing you, is he? It seems like more of a "encroaching on my space" and rubbish sort of issue? Or am I wrong?

Anyway - unless its keeping you awake at nite, simply move the trash out of the way, ignore it, don't say a word or even acknowledge him, etc.

Or, let me know and I've got a list of incredibly evil things to torment him with :)

thegayte-keeper said...

Serves him right I say...