Saturday, 27 June 2009

Jack your body

Meeting Jack at 7.30 for a night out, which seems a bit early to me.
A meal, a Drink and a chance to find out more about him. I have decided not to sleep with him on the first date, but i always think that and i have just tidied up my bedroom and put clean sheets on the bed so what does that tell you?.
It's only a precaution you understand.

Now what's the weather gonna be like ?, do i wear something casual and skin tight, or will i need a umbrella (ella, ella) and big coat ?.
Such are the problems with living in the UK. One minute it can be glorious sunshine, seconds later it can be pissing it down.
I started getting ready an hour ago, by ironing my cloths and tidying round. I don't normally take so long. I can be out of the door from start to finish in 30 minutes usually, and that includes a breakfast, wash, shave, shower and complete change of cloths.
But if there is a special reason to be going somewhere i piss about for ages, trying on different tops and buggering about in draws looking for something i haven't bothered wearing for ages. This tends to build up the night into something more than it should be. The best nights i have ever had out on town are the ones where nothing was planned and we went in our scruffs straight from work for one drink that turned into several more.

Unplanned moments are always better that arranged evenings.
You don't have time to think of them and it's more casual. All i can think at the moment is, i wonder what tonight will bring?


Micky said...

Just let him do some of the talking and ask him some questions to help him.

(I remember what you said about reckoning you'd put your foot in it because you couldn't stop talking!)

Then do try and relax. He's gone for half seven as a decent time for a drink / leisurely meal / drinks / sex / drinks / sleep / sex / breakfast

but that's just my idea!


torchy! said...

i've only just read this, so your evening will be well underway now. i'm averting my gaze so do'nt worry.

but whichever direction your evening goes, i hope you have a good time :)


and, get this... my word verification is 'chill' let's hope that's a good omen for you :)