Thursday, 18 June 2009

Job Hunting

Job hunting tonight and I'm having it off tomorrow (steady now i mean a day off work). I'm gonna concentrate on giving things one big push. All I'm writing about right now is my dreary little life and it's getting boring. That's what you get for having a blog that is just a diary i suppose. But i need to put a stop to it. It's ruining my days and it's not as if anything has actually happened yet.

Anyway sorry about getting boring, and whilst we are on the subject, sorry about not responding to all your messages as well. I have read them, but as i have only had time to come online, write something, and then log back off again. I haven't actually spent enough time commenting on your comments, if you know what i mean.
So lets do something about it all shall we ?, I'm even boring myself now, Daniel has even told me to shut up going on about it. Thanks Daniel, very helpful. But i prefer him to tell me the truth rather than just think it and then avoid me, like some of my mates would do.
Things are getting ridiculous, i have even been pestering my local fish shop for a job and i couldn't think of anything worse than to work in a fish and chip shop. I need to calm down a bit.
One good push over the next few days and then i am then gonna just sit and wait for something to happen.
CV at the ready and my 'looking for a job' head on. I am gonna give it one good push from now until the weekend.

Daniel has suggested we go down to Piccadilly and see if i could get any work as rent.
Cheeky twat !


Pilgrim said...

Hey Mambam, don´t worry! If I at my 8 yrs. your minor, can make my way, you oughtta do it too!*push forwards* Have a great weekend in London. Propz Pilgrim ...P.S., I´ll do a voyage to Ireland, w/a possible stop over at Brighton, I could do Manchester too, if Christiano Ronaldo were still ther, otherwise for you. Hmm!? Propz Pilgrim

naturgesetz said...

No need to apologize for not doing more than you have time for. Some of us (and by that I mean myself) spend way too much time on the internet. You don't owe any of us anything unless you make a direct and explicit promise.

That said, I do enjoy learning about you, hearing what's going on, so I'm glad when you have some time to post something.

Seth said...

Focus on the job first, the comments and replies will wait. Good luck with finding something soon!

Anonymous said...

You could always pimp, then

torchy! said...

well i wish you the very best of luck in find a job that suits you and that you enjoy.

job-hunting is a degrading and demoralising experience. you've just got to try and stay positive and keep smiling and looking.

and you can remind me of that in a few weeks.

take care