Friday, 19 June 2009

Nasty people

I have decided the world is full of arse holes (did i spell that right Vilges?).
Some of the people i have met today were horrible. You would have thought i had come to sell them double glazing or steal their money. You know that look you get when someone takes an instant dislike to you, even though you haven't even spoken yet ?.

Well i have had a never ending run of these people today. The odd one or two were nice, but most were horrible. On the other hand, maybe i am just as judgemental, I got a creepy guy in an office offered me a cup of tea and invite me in for a few minutes. He was all sweaty and fat and something about him seemed strange. He asked me what type of work i was looking for and if i could use a typewriter.
Yes a real typewriter!. He said he was an accountant, but i didn't see anyone else in his office and i didn't see any computers either. The cup of tea was half full and i could see brown rings round the inside, as if it hadn't been washed properly and he was being far to nice for my liking, so i made an excuses and moved on.

I then met a really nasty woman who shouted at me for just coming in her office and asking if they had any jobs, and at the end of the day when i had dished out a pile of CVs i got the impression that nothing will come of it. In fact i didn't really see anything that took my fancy anyway.
Still at least i tried. But it felt degrading and i feel depressed.
It's weekend and money or no money i'm gonna forget all about it for now and have some fun.

Tomorrow Daniel and I are going to a Barbecue (weather permitting) so that means free food and drink. Skip the food, i need a drink.


torchy! said...

i get the impression you're cold-calling these people looking for a job. if so, that's got to be really tough - i don't envy you.

but still, enjoy the weekend - hope your bbq doesn't get rained off.

have a sausage for me. w00t!

disclaimer: that's an edible sausage. lol :)

vilges suola said...

You did, Michael, yes, there's a good lad, although there's them as would have it spelled as one word. Help yourself to the fucking sweetie jar. There is nothing like being able to bleeding well swear fucking accurately.

Have a nice w/e.

vilges suola said...

PS You are showing initiative by looking for jobs and these people are just rude to you, so don't for God's sake take it personally or get discouraged - they ought to express their admiration for you. In the immortal words of an Australian journalist in Joe Orton's diary, 'behold what shit-headed cunts populate the earth!'

'Typewriter'? Did he really say that? Maybe the lack of booze is causing you to hallucinate?

Anonymous said...

One of the hardest jobs in the world is selling things. Insurance salesmen take knocks like this every day. You are selling yourself and rejection is more personal. But, they would tell you, its a numbers game; the more you try the more likely you are to find somewhere. So don't give up. Fuck em if they can't see that they need to employ you. MOve on, find someone else.


naturgesetz said...

Hang in there.

Enjoy the barbecue (and eat some food, too — it's a good accompaniment to booze).

thegayte-keeper said...

Have two drinks...