Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Neither here nor there.

I went in to see the boss this morning, supposedly at half nine, but he was late.

Then he had a coffee and made me wait till ten o'clock. When he eventually gave me his full attention i had half an hours waffle about how times are hard, the fact that it is so quiet and that they need to pinpoint certain areas in the business that they should to cut back on.

Then he eventually got to the point and said that the office had too many people in it and they were looking at losing a couple of staff if things don't change. To my surprise i wasn't the only one up for the chop, there was someone else he was seeing after me. But he didn't say i was going, or staying, he just left it in the air. Am i getting the sack or what ?. He said he was 'looking into it' and both i and the other person were the top two to go. If i can prove i am worth keeping or he can think of other options then he will reconsider it.

I think he thought he was filming an episode of the Apprentice, What the fuck does he want me to do?. I half expected him to ask me why he should chose over someone else and what i would have to offer him if he does, before saying, 'Your fired!'
Talking to someone else at the company they said he was following a procedure, and line one is to inform staff that their job is in jeopardy, why, and give them the opportunity to come up with other options to avoid going (job share/part time/wage drop etc.). He is so shit at following procedure that he translates things like this in his own style. Actually all of the above would be no good to me, i need all the money, not half of it.

It's weird, i hate the job, i don't like the people i work with and yet i don't want to go. I need this job. I don't think my landlord will allow DSS tenants and i'm getting a bit worried now about what i should do. Going back home isn't an option.

Until you get the proper heave ho you can't really look for another job, but i think i should seriously start. It's not gonna happen tomorrow, but i need to be prepared.
What a crap day.


Samad said...

This is gonna happen sooner or later, given the current craptacular economic situation.

Furthermore, at this job, you're getting nowhere. you hate it, yet you're staying only because you need the money to survive.

It's best for you to start looking for another job. At least this way, you'll be leaving on your terms. which is always better than getting fired suddenly, without warning.

jay.osa said...

Sorry to hear about your job but maybe it will get you put there to get a better one.

thegayte-keeper said...

All that and you are not closer to knowing your fate @ this company...

vilges suola said...

Given the present crisis, can the landlord legally chuck you out if you lose your job? There would be a lot of people getting thrown out of their houses and he'd probably lose a month or two in rent. I was out of work for most of three months two years ago and my landlady was very good about it. DSS money is crap though - had to use savings to avoid having to sober up. Good luck.

naturgesetz said...

Hope you or somebody can come up with something other than letting you go.

But you're right. It's time to start looking for other places to work.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

From the moment you start thinking 'I can do better than this' or similar, it's time to look for (not think about) another job. We spend so much time working, that you owe it to yourself to get the best job and the best deal that you can. As for DSS tenants, I suspect there would be huge difficulty moving you on!

And your boss - I think he got his management training by watching both the Office and the odious (if clever) Alan Sugar. Not a good combination, if humanity and tact are concerned!

Do you have any particular skills? NZ is crying out for skilled workers - granted the pay is not as good as in Australia, but there are more things to life than money! (Talk to me about how to get a 6 month working holday visa, if you are interested.)
G =]

Anonymous said...

Maybe the boss was trying to give you time to look for another job, without giving you a formal leaving date - yet.

True - there might yet be salvation - he may really want to keep you (both) but it sounds to me as though his late arrival, his cup of coffee and then long waffle was because he didn't want to make you redundant. And, in the end, he didn't do it.

But presumably his other Directors (or shareholders or whoever) are saying he's got to cut back.

I'd definitely start seriously looking if I were you - and you're in a much stronger position applying if you still have a job.

Tough times.

Mambam said...

Thanks for all your comments and advice, we will have to see

Mambam said...

I don't think i would get thrown out Vilges you are right, but i would be given notice.

Maybe i should emigrate to NZ, Doomed but alas i don't think i am skilled in anything other than giving someone a good ham shank (LOL)

And Micky, the boss is the Owner of the company, he is loaded, but not self made, his parents started the company and he took over when they retired, yes i think he has been watching to much TV, he models himself on every twat you have ever seen on telly.