Thursday, 11 June 2009

Different exercise

I Saw a female runner leaning against a wall being sick this morning. Summer is on it's way and as more people do their best to get fit the odd one or two over do it and suffer the consequences.
I know the feeling, Exercise is like tightrope walking, one false move and you go from sweating to spewing. There must be a better way, I'm getting bored already.

Last week i saw a guy in complete running gear, tracky bottoms, trainers, sweatband, water bottle, and I-pod. He was sat on a wall drinking a can of lager and smoking a fag (LOL). That seems much more fun. But he did have man boobs and his nose looked to have varicose veins running through it.

We are considering swimming instead, it might be more fun, you get to see half naked people and it saves having a bath once a month.

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