Monday, 20 July 2009

Job interview

Had the afternoon off to go to the dentist.

Or at least that was my cover story. In fact i went for an interview for that job i had applied for ages ago. I wore a suite and looked a complete idiot. Jack was in the area and gave me a lift and as he wears one as well we both looked like a couple of sales reps ready to sell double glazing. Why, in 2009 do people still insist on these things. They are uncomfortable, unpractical and with a tie round your neck you feel like your being strangled at the same time.

I think it went well, i didn't fluff my lines and it was all jolly and stuff.
But then we got to the touchy subject of pay. You don't want to jump in and ask straight away. It makes you look like your only interested in cash and don't care about the job. So i threw in a couple of duff questions about the actual job itself and then mentioned the pay thing at the end. Unfortunately like most employers they were very vague about it. From what i can make out it would be much better than i am on now. But i would need to know hard facts before i took it. If in fact i actually get the job in the first place. We will have to see.

I caught the bus back home afterwards because Jack went onto another job. I sat next to a really good looking guy with headphones on and an i-pod. He must have had it on full tilt because i could hear everything. David Guetta & Kelly Rowland-When love takes over. He even likes the same music as me.
Shame he was straight though. My gaydar also works on straight men too. It's funny that. Sometimes you can just tell. Inside you know not to go there. One the other hand there is that felling that you might be in with a chance. The real problem with gaydar is that it is never that precise. And when the wrong move could leave you with a black eye you tend not to go with your gut instinct as much as you might do with other feelings.

On to job No 2 now.


torchy! said...

well good luck to you, i hope you get offered the job, coz at least it'll be one in the hand (so to speak), even if you decide not to take it.

and even if you don't get the offer, look upon it as interview experience.

and yeah - totally agree with you about suits.

and this is all strangely topical for me, coz i've got one tomorrow. eek!


Mambam said...

A little advice given to me by Daniel before i went for my interview. If you need to fart do it in the waiting room outside.

naturgesetz said...

Suits look good, and if neckties are too tight you need a shirt with a larger collar size.

Good luck.

Antony said...


Agree with you about suits hate em too.

Good luck on getting the job.


A x

Anonymous said...

Hey Mambam! I know you guys from Manchester talk with a funny accent and think Cheshire is posh, but it won't help your job prospects if you refer to your suit as a suite. I am sure you looked great in it, in spite of your protests. But suite - as in three piece suite - is what your granny sat on while supping a Guinness and watching Coronation Street, all those years ago.

Love your blog, by the way, you seem like a really nice guy.

Peter-D in the south of France

Mambam said...

LOL Suite Ha! yes Peter correct, sorry about that, just shows that even when i spell check i'm still crap at spelling. You can't polish a turd can you ?.
Saying that, i'm sure a three piece suite would be far comfortable that a three piece Suit.
Thanks for your comments people ;-)