Monday, 27 July 2009

Job vs Friends

Spent much of yesterday lounging around and sleeping. Recovering from the night before. Then as usual i couldn't sleep when i went to bed on Sunday night and stayed up till about 2am pissing about on the computer.
So by morning I'm knackered again and late for work.

Because i have been working nights i haven't been to the gym at all but i bumped into Chris at lunchtime and he asked how i was and why i wasn't going anymore. He mentioned that he had seen Daniel a few times who seems to be keeping it up and suggested that he is not happy because i hardly see him anymore. I knew this would happen. I spend weekends with Jack and work all the time during the week.
Something has to give and it seems it is him at the moment. Thinking about it i haven't been round to my mums for a while and i can't remember the last time we spoke on the phone. I seriously considered stopping my night job, but i got paid today and it was very nice thank you. Perhaps I'll just do it for a couple of weeks more, fill my boots and then call it a day.

I am now an online banker. How cool is that ? I never did it before and can't understand why i haven't. No, come to think of it i do. I don't trust the security side of things.
But as i hardly have millions of pounds worth nicking, hopefully it won't be too bad.
I have even set up a savings account and have a transfer of £25.00 that goes in every month. It's not a fortune (but all i can afford) and i'm gonna keep it as a savings for a rainy day. This is a miracle for me, i'm the sort of person who gets his wage, takes out what he needs for bills and food, then blows the rest.
I feel quite good about it actually. I wonder how long it will last ?.


Callen said...

i heard someone said, "sometimes you have to give up the things that you want right now for the things that you've wanted all your life." it is hard to maintain a social life when your schedule is different than your friends. if financial independence is your goal, then a little sacrifice in your social life is not that bad. just make sure that the people you love and the people you call your friends understand this.

Pilgrim said...

Good not to have you ad my banker1*lol*Propz Pilgrim

Pilgrim said...

Uuhhmm, sorry.wasn´t meant like that.

Mambam said...


You are right of course, that is why i'm gonna throw this second job when i get a bit more cash.


No offence taken. ;-)