Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nothing to report

What a shitty day.
Nothing of any relevance to post about anyway. Got up, went to work, came home, had something to eat and am ready to go out to work again.

It never happens like this in films or books does it ?. I don't ever remember reading the chapter where Harry Potter did nothing today because he couldn't be arsed or Ron Weasley went for a shit and run out of toilet paper. Real life is slightly less exciting than fiction so writing a journal can sometimes be difficult for someone like me. I was gonna write about the terrible service i got at lunchtime in the cafe, but that is bordering on the shite that people post on twitter.
Sometimes i think it's best not to write anything at all, if nothing at all happened.


Seth said...

Exactly, real life is never quite as interesting as in the movies.

LOL @ the twittering toilet paper incidents.


vilges suola said...

Hitchcock said 'drama is life with the boring bits cut out'. Most people's lives really are dull as ditchwater much of the time...