Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sacked ?

Well that went down well.

I decided to knock my evening job on the head so thought i might give some notice and tell them when i went into work tonight. The intention was to carry on working until i wasn't needed any more. If they wanted me to carry on for a couple more weeks ok, if they wanted me to finish Friday, that would be ok as well.
In fact they were so pissed off that i was asked to leave immediately. When i say asked to leave i think piss and off where a couple of words used.
It seemed a bit strong considering the fact that they were busy and needed me, But Daniels Uncle is supposed to be notorious for cutting his nose to spite his face. It seems that he prefers to employ people who are grateful to him for supplying a job. Not someone who is just doing it for extra cash and is quite happy to pack it in. I can't work out whether i managed to hand in my notice or he got there first and sacked me.

I don't know what i did wrong, i was as nice as possible and to be honest am quite shocked at the reaction.
By the time i got home my own reaction was along the lines of Fuck em.

I rang Daniel when i got back to tell him the news, but he seemed uninterested and i got the impression he was wanting to get off the phone to do something else. So i then rang Jack, he was driving and couldn't talk. I rang my Mum, she was out, I rang Rachel, no reply. Where the bloody hell is everyone when you want to talk to someone ?.

It does mean i can get my life back though, but i'm not gonna spend it sat in all the time and I'm not gonna blow all the money i have saved either.
Saying all this, i'm sitting twiddling my thumbs right now and wondering what to do.
Tissues and the Internet i think, LOL


Samad said...

The extra cash would have been useful, especially in such uncertain times.

God forbid, but there's always the risk of suddenly being unemployed for a long stretch of time.

It's true that their reaction was a bit over the top, and unforeseen.

However, in the future, it's best to tell your employers things like this ONLY when you're resigning.

Otherwise it really serves no purpose to try to be considerate for them. You come first, your employer second.

Anonymous said...

Probs you're talking about the reaction of one person to whom you spoke. That may well be the person who has to arrange your replacement.

The other point is that you could have stayed for another two weeks and taken the last so many days off on statutory sick pay, landing them up one person short until they could find someone else.

The alternative is that they have someone else willing and able to step right into your shoes. Like a relative who needs a job, for example.

Dunno. Just wonder.

jay.osa said...

"Tissues and the Internet i think, LOL"

haha thats what i was thinking...

naturgesetz said...

Too bad the boss was such a… meany.

Glad you're not going to throw awya what you've saved.

Maybe now you can read some of those books you've been meaning to get to. —— Which reminds me of the story my mother told of the relative who was trying to think of a good gift for another relative. Someone suggested giving a book, to which (s)he replied, "He has a book."

Mambam said...

Thanks to all for your comments (very funny naturgesetz) I will just have to move on and put it down to experience.
It's nice to have some savings for a change, even if it's only a little bit