Thursday, 30 July 2009

Naked conversation

I went to the Gym on the way home tonight. The first time in ages and i feel a bit wobbly now. I have that shaky hands thing you get when you have overdone it.
Must remember next time not to launch into the same exercise regime as the one i had taken ages to build up to weeks ago.

Chris came to talk to me in the showers again afterwards. I wish he wouldn't, it doesn't feel right. The strange thing is i'm gay and you would have thought it would be quite happy to standing in the showers with naked men chatting away whilst i rub soap into me genitals, Not him, a heterosexual with an eye for the ladies.
Maybe that's why it doesn't feel right. I didn't get the impression he was interested, it was just a normal thing to him. If it were another gay man and i though i was in with a chance i probably wouldn't be so bothered because i would no doubt be flirting, even if i didn't fancy him.
Flirting with men you have no intention of having sex with and wouldn't touch with a barge pole is probably wrong, but enjoyable. Cock teaser i may be but it can make you feel good. It's an ego thing. After all half the entertainment of going on a night out is seeing and being seen. In other words feeling like people are looking at you and liking what they see whilst looking out for people that you fancy as well.
Everyone likes to be liked.
I wonder what he would do if i tickled his bollocks next time he starts talking to me ?. On second thoughts no, he is a big man and would probably twat me.

Rang Daniel tonight, he wasn't in, Asked his mum to get him to ring me when he does. Still haven't heard anything yet.

I fancied going for a drink but with no Jack about and no Daniel i didn't fancy it. I'm a social drinker not someone who drinks for drinking sake. I only drink in the company of others. I would never sit at home and open a few cans and get blotto on my own. I wouldn't sit in a pub on my own either. Sometimes you see old men with dogs reading the paper and drinking a pint slowly before going home. They talk to no-one, and do nothing. How sad.
Anyways, as there is no one to go with so i'm stopping in. I can't just spend another night in on my own.
When i get bored i start looking at doing things i shouldn't.

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Trojan Gayle said...

Just discovered your blog and its seems pretty interesting. Looking forward to the next instalment..