Friday, 31 July 2009

Weekend away

I am going to Halifax with Jack this weekend, we are stopping at his Mums & Dads house i think.
We will be going tonight and i am possibly stopping till Sunday so no post until Sunday evening i don't think. I say 'possibly' and 'think', because it depends on how things go. I'm not keen on staying with people i don't know. I like my own space and the idea of sleeping on the sofa or sharing the same bedroom as his brother fills me with horror.

Jacks brother has a big attic room and i'm almost certain i'm being lined up for sleeping up there. From what Jack has told me about him in the past he is a typical scruffy 15 year old boy. But now he is talking about me having to sleep in the same room as him he is back tracking and telling me how nice and spacious and light it is. He sounds like an estate agent trying to sell me a flat. I reserve judgement until then. I am even considering taking my own car over just in case. if it's crap i can come home. If i get a lift with Jack i'm trapped there with no option to come home.
Of course we still have the added problem of keeping things quiet about us both as well so that is awkward as well. But my main problem with it is not really wanting to stay over that's all. I know it's a bit selfish but i'm not really interested in his family, it's him i'm after. Oops did i just say that ?. Your not supposed to are you ?.
They are nice people, but ultimately they are strangers. Maybe over time...

Daniel still hasn't returned my call from the other night so i rang again. He wasn't in again so i asked his mum if she had told him i had called once. She said yes, but he has been out a lot lately. I'll give him till Monday and then i'm going round to see him.
No replies to text messages, no answers to his mobile and never at home. This is getting serious, the little shit. I think we need to clear the air. I would rather we has a stand up row rather than total silence.

Right, i'm gonna get my glad rags on, because you all know what time it is don't you ?

It's Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkeeeennnnnnddddd!!!!!!!!!!! (my spell check thinks i've lost my marbles)
I have just thought of another problem with stopping at Jacks parents house. NO SEX !
bloody hell. this is gonna be a really crap weekend i can just tell. ;-((


Pilgrim said...

Well, have a great weekend! Don´t mind a sick boy in Germland. :-( Propz Pilgrim

Samad said...

You may wanna consider this. He's not out to his family. So why would he wanna bring you over?

Your visit to his house may mean alot to him. This could be a way for him to slowly wedge you into his family.

If someone you end up being long term with him, you're gonna have to get to know his parents anyway. Might as well just get this over with.