Sunday, 2 August 2009

My Weak End

Two days away and I’m glad to be back home and in my own bed.
Went to Halifax to be with Jacks family and spent two nights sleeping in two beds (alone).

We spent Friday night out having a couple of drinks at a local Pub (that was dead by the way). Jacks dad and mum came and so did his older brother. There were other friends who I didn’t really know as well, It was a laugh I suppose but I couldn’t go to this place every week like they do. Everyone knew everyone else and it seemed like a bit of a click. Afterwards we walked back to his place and had Fish and chips and Dandelion and Burdock pop before going to bed at about 1am. It was like being a child again.

I slept in Jacks brothers room up in the attic. He was away staying at a friends house so I had it all to myself. It was a typical 15 year old boys room, sock stenched, untidy, packed with electronic equipment, computer games, CD’s DVDs and a box of tesco man size tissues by the bed LOL.
Jack couldn’t exactly come up in the middle of the night for a bit of fun so I made good use of those tissues myself, Ha!. I did consider searching round for his porn stash (all teenage boys have a stash somewhere) but thought better of it.

On Saturday he took me round Halifax itself to see some of his old haunts and even the schools he went to. Then we went to a place called Shibden and eventually had another night out in Halifax town centre itself.
On two occasions we had women trying to chat us up and Jack seemed to enjoy It more than he should have. They were pissed and loud, I just wanted them to go away.
In fact Halifax seemed to have a lot of pissed and loud women. If you are reading this and are heterosexual man, get your self into Halifax at about midnight, you are guaranteed a shag if your not fussy about how the women look.
Actually that’s not fair, practically anywhere you go there is that element. You wanna have a night out in Oldham.

On Saturday night I slept in Jacks room whilst he slept on the sofa downstairs (snigger). His brother was back and needed his bed again. In fact I didn’t get the impression he liked the idea of some stranger sleeping in his room whilst he was away for the night. I wonder what he would have thought if he knew what I got up to in it. Actually Jacks brother is really good looking, a younger mini version of Jack himself. It’s weird to see. In the wrong light you would think they were the same person. The main difference being that his brother is a miserable git, who speaks very little, eats food like a pig and disappears up into his room at the drop of a hat.

As I lay in Jacks bed all I could think was, I am lying in the same place that he must have wanked himself to sleep almost every night of his life. And as I did, I wanked myself to sleep as well.
I suppose it was a good weekend. It did make a change and his family are really nice. I think that it's time for my family to meet Jack now. The difference being that as soon as mine meet him they will know he is more that just a mate. I have touched on this subject with Jack on the way home and he isn't sure how he feels about it. Not that he doesn't want to meet my family. More because it's a step down a road he isn't sure he wants to walk just yet.

In other words, roughly translated, I don't want to come out of the closet yet and meeting your family like that is a bit like dipping your toe in.


Anonymous said...

Heh Mambam - Bit of a mixed weekend, glad to know you are home and tucked up in your own bed.
About this 'coming out' bit I kind of agree with Samad, it can sometimes be done by stealth without an official announcement. Parents seem to accept, perhaps secretly hoping 'you will change'. The important thing is your own happiness and being comfortable in your relationship(s).
I hope this happens for you.
Any news on your job search lately?
Take care, Peter D. in the south of France

Mambam said...

Hello Peter.
.I partly agree with what you say, but sadly our own happiness can sometimes be tied up with how other people act or react to us.
If everyone loves you i assume you will be happier than someone that everyone hates.
Most of us know that you can't please everyone, and in fact i don't care if someone i don't respect or like myself isn't keen on me, but when i comes to family it's different.
How your parents feel about you is very important.
Well to me it is anyway.

P.s. No, no sight of a new job either.