Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lazy Sunday

Another Sunday and another hangover. Well a little one anyway.

Jack came back to my place and stopped the night, leaving to go home at about 11.30. Then i went back to bed for an hour. We didn't sleep much last night ;-0
It seems that the only time i see the sun rise at weekends are when i'm actually going to sleep.

Daniel came round about 3ish and has just left. It seems he is also seeing someone at the moment. He won't go into details so i don't know if he exists of whether he's just trying to get back at me for not seeing him as much now. It's not all Jack. Working most nights last week shows that sacrifices have to be made, and that also includes not seeing as much of my friends as i want.

Anyways i showed Daniel the pictures sent to me by Stockport Dave. I have also had a couple of other messages as well from him and he even mentioned popping round for a coffee the next time he is in the area. Daniel thinks i should turn him down or make sure i have someone with me if he does appear. He assumes i'm gonna get drugged and gang raped just because of some things that Dave writes in his e-mails.
People act differently on the net. They write things that they probably would never say or do in real life. I know this from my experiences on Gaydar. I'm always amazed that people post pictures of themselves in compromising positions on there let alone talk to each other in that way. Dave is the same. I've met people like that before
I can't say anything anyway. i write stuff on here i shouldn't and wouldn't mention if you ever met me in the flesh.

Saying that after Daniel left i mailed Dave and told him i am working most nights.

Watched the Neighbour from hell trying to walk down the steps with his injuries after he got knocked over the other week. The poor man was still in pain and you could see every movement was killing him. I laughed an evil laugh.

Just seen that commercial for Car insurance fronted by Iggy Pop. I hate it, it's as bad as Johnny Rotten selling Butter. And when there is a punk album advertised on the telly it's either free with the Sunday Times or The Guardian (posh papers).

I say all this because a guy i work with who is in his 40's and an old punk fan is forever slagging off current music and harking back to the past. Must remind him of all this on Monday because all this week there has been a load of crap flying round about old television and radio presenters being replaced with young ones. They say nothing of the fact that Radio 2, 3 & 4 is full of oldies and employs no-one under the age of 40. God forbid we have a station with young DJ's.
Rant over, i'm just rambling now.


Pilgrim said...

Try BFBS! Popz Pilgrim

callen said...

i agree. there are things that we do on line that we would never say/do in real life. i think its because even with our pictures on our profiles, and other info easily available, we're still operating anonymously.

Mambam said...

Yes Callen, i assume people i kow won't read this. But will they. Perhaps i need to remove my picture and change some names in future.