Saturday, 18 July 2009

No More Fridays

Last night was the one and only Friday night when I work cleaning offices, it’s eating into my weekend. Never again!.

I’ll work any and all hours needed between Monday morning and Friday afternoon but as soon as we hit Friday night that’s it.
What’s the point in earning money when you are too knackered or too busy to spend it?
There are men working for our company who come home with ridiculous wages, Hundreds and hundreds of pounds a week. But when you look at their time sheets it seems like they never went home, working horrendous hours, day and night (through choice I might add).

I’m sure they have nice big bank accounts or live in lovely houses, but what’s the point in having a nice house when the only time you spend there, your asleep.
Sod that for a bag of spanners. I don't have jobs i do for enjoyment, it's purely for money to live on.
I wonder what it would be like to enjoy your job?

I put Jack off for last night, so tonight and stayed in. I still stayed up until two in the morning watching TV, listening to music and surfing the net. Then i slept through till 3pm this afternoon. I do this sometimes. Burn the candle at both ends during the week and then have one really long 12 hour sleep to catch up at the weekend sometimes.
Anyway we will be out in Manchester tonight.
I may have worked all week but i don't reap the benefits of all this till the end of the month so i'm still a bit skint. I asked my mum if she could lend me some money to go out with. Just till i get paid and i will give it her back.
'OK', she said 'is £20 ok ?'. i'm not sure when she last went out for a few drinks but £20 will just about sort out the taxi.

Rang Daniel and asked him to come round tomorrow. I seem to be seeing less and less of him lately. You have to make an effort or people drift away from you. That's the down side of having boyfriends, everyone else seems to take a back seat.
Oops, did i say boyfriend ?. Boy and friend should be separated by a space there i think.

Ok that's it for now. it's a little late but it's started again. Weeeeekkkeeeennnnd!

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Pilgrim said...

I can allow me like twenty Eu´s per day. not just per we. Propz Pilgrim