Friday, 17 July 2009

Interview with a gay

It had to happen didn't it ?, it happens to us all so the sooner the better i suppose.

I have had the gay conversation today with the women i work with. It doesn't start with them asking if i am gay, it usually starts with questions about a girlfriend or if i am married with kids. If you don't answer questions like this properly in the beginning it can lead to difficult moments later. In the past i would just say no and leave it at that. Nowadays, depending on the person asking and the situation i am in I just say i'm gay and leave it at that, hoping they don't take it further. And lots of people do leave it there. Sometimes because they don't know what to say, sometimes because they weren't expecting it and need to rethink their line of questioning.

But now and then i meet someone like Julie and Irene who find it all exciting and interesting. "i don't know any gays" said Irene. Well you do now.
So then i spend the rest of the night answering questions about what my family think, do i have a boyfriend ?, when did i come out ?, and the best one of all, "doesn't it hurt ?". They were very nice about it all, even asking if i mind them asking these questions.
Yes yes, get all the questions out now, because from Monday night i will be bored with it all and expect you to stop interviewing me and start talking to me like a normal person.

I spoke to Jack at lunchtime and cancelled going out tonight. I will be working late and i am knackered. I would probably end up falling asleep in a pub somewhere anyway. Especially if i had a drink.

Had an email from Dave in Stockport. If had attachments and when i opened them it was a stack of porn pictures. At closer look i recognised Brian in one of them.
So much for being closeted and discreet!.


Pilgrim said...

Since I never had such interviews yet, I can´t imagine what you mean. Anyway, chances are that I can escape such stuff, because being bi has its advatages. :-) Have a nice weekend! Propz Pilgrim

thegayte-keeper said...


vilges suola said...

I'm amazed there are still people in Britain who have never 'met a gay' - as if we were some rarely spotted species, like badgers. I remember the questions from the curious in the 1980s - are they STILL asking the same fucking things? I suppose ignorance is endlessly renewable.

Mambam said...

Vilges the are i live in is actually quite anti gay. The British National Party are quite popular round here and it is one reason why i live a bit of a double life. Manchester itself has it's own gay village, very open and great fun. But travel a few miles out of the City center and you can find some of the most homophobic places in the UK.
It's all very confusing and contradictory really

Tranquil said...

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