Saturday, 11 July 2009

Meeting Jack again tonight and we are going out with a couple of his other closeted gay friends.
From what i can gather they are similar to him, straight to anyone who knows them outside of their own little circle.
I'm not sure where he met them but the more i dig i think it's either gaydar or the equivalent, perhaps some dodgy party, maybe a sauna ?. I don't know. It certainly wasn't at work or down the pub that's for sure.

Daniel won't be coming, he has made an excuse. I can tell it's an excuse because he was all up for it yesterday, but when i mentioned who will be there he suddenly remembered he was skint and wanted to stay in.

Rachel's boyfriend called to drop off some Cd's i lent her. He came in and had a cuppa, we chatted for about 45 minutes and then he went.
I have to say, the more i see of him the more attractive he becomes. I know he's a friends boyfriend, but...If only. At one point he bent over to pick the Cd's out of a back and i could see the crack of his arse. LOL. Not hairy, smooth. and quite muscly i think, i wonder what he looks like with his top off ?. snigger..

I need some new cloths, it's ridiculous, you can't go out AND buy cloths, it's either one or the other. I just noticed a top i like to wear is starting to fade.
Must do that shopping thing this week. I don't wanna start looking like a bloody tramp.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's not necessarily a need to go to expensive shops to buy expensive clothes.

It's pretty easy to dress well in whatever style you want and not pay the earth or the list price for the stuff.

Mambam said...

Your right Micky, maybe i should start at second hand shops and work my way up to the expencive places