Friday, 10 July 2009

Diet of the day

Imagine this, it's Friday night and I'm staying in. Bloody hell!.
Jack is going over to his parents tonight and my wallet could do with a rest anyway, even if it's just for one night of the weekend.

Rachel came round earlier with her friend Jean. Jean is about 40 and has split from her husband about 6 months ago. Actually he ran off with another woman but we won't go into that. Since then she has started going out on the town more often and acting like a teenager again. She joins Rachel whenever she can on girly nights out and when she isn't free shes out with all here other divorced & single female friends who are all about the same age as her (late 30s early 40s) and hunt for young men in a pack.

You see it a lot around Manchester. Groups of older women roaming around and in most cases being really loud. You know that the odd one or two are gonna end up on their knees up some back ally with a guy in his 20's in their mouth or taking them home to ride them like a horse all night. One the other hand i do see the odd group of older gay men trying for the same thing on canal street, they just don't seem to be as successful at it as their straight female counterparts.
Jean is always on a diet and tonight she was telling me about her dab a day diet.

This involves having a breakfast in the morning and then a Dab of Speed afterwards, which is all you need for the rest of the day.
She is actually losing weight and her house looks immaculate as she spends most of the night cleaning from top to bottom for something to do.
Taking speed isn't a good thing if you want to get much sleep and the results are the equivalent of a hyper child who's taken to many e numbers.
The amount of women i know who are on diets that are either weird, dangerous or just plain stupid is amazing.
I don't know any on the eat less and exercise more one.

I'm bored now and alone so after i post this i think I'll go to bed and wank myself stupid (LOL). At least once a day, that's my motto. If I'm bored I'm liable to get friction burns Ha!

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Seth said...

"The Tina Diet"

Ugh. While it does cause weight loss, it does so for all the wrong reasons. NOT recommended.

However, crystal use in the gay population is, and has been for years, a HUGE HUGE issue, although that's the first time I've actually heard it mentioned/used as a "diet".