Thursday, 9 July 2009

Return of the She Devil

What a shite day.
Was i sacked ?, no !. I was actually promoted and given a pay rise, sort of.
That sounds good doesn't it ?. Well no it bloody well isn't. I get about £ 10 a week more (After Gordon Brown syphon's off his share) and i have to do some extra work that people who were paid 10 times more than me did before they were 'let go' yesterday.
But more important than all this, i will be working with the bosses wife who will be joining the company full time from next week.
Me and her in the same office !!!!. Me her office junior, her the big loudmouthed cow i remember from when i first started working here a couple of years ago.
She covered for a girl on Maternity leave and was the most hated person in the building, even more than the boss himself (and that is saying something).
The best way to describe her is a cross between a yeti and a gorilla. Very big, loud, opinionated, arrogant and vicious.
Like a small child she can be very moody, throw tantrums, shout if she doesn't get her own way and if it is the wrong time of the month has been known to kick objects and throw things around the office out of sheer frustration.
So we now have the owner of the company and the main boss, horrible, but ultimately just a pratt, joined by his she devil wife who will be my immediate superior.
This isn't good, my stomach is still churning. Is it the bug from yesterday or is it her influence already ?

Too cheer myself up i asked Daniel if he would be interested in a threesome with me and Jack, then he might to get to know him better and start to like him more.
He didn't see the funny side and wasn't impressed.

I heard the neighbour from hell got knocked over today. He was walking across the road and a car clipped him and broke his leg, wrist and cut his face down one side.
He was about 20 yards away from a Pelican Crossing but couldn't be arsed to walk that far so he crossed further down instead.
His wife didn't seem too upset when she told me tonight. in fact her exact words were.
"It serves him right the stupid twat"


naturgesetz said...

Sounds as if you should be preparing to seek other employment.

Perhaps meanwhile see if you can work that Mambam charm and have her figuratively eating out of your proverbial hand by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

Time to get a new job.

vilges suola said...

Tantrum-throwing bosses deserve no respect. Where have these people been for the last twenty five years,while such concepts as 'people skills''empowerment' and what not have been elaborated? Get the hell out at the earliest opportunity.

Anonymous said...

It's an old management trick, of course: you make things so uncomfortable for someone that they resign which is whole lot cheaper than having to sack them anyway.

Back to the sits vac.

Mambam said...

I don't think they are trying to get rid of me micky, if they did they would get rid of me. I think i am one of the few people that the bosses wife seemed to get on with when she was here last.
She probably doesn't realise that i hate her just the same as everyone else.
This is gonna be tricky. I wouldn't normaly put up with anything like this from anyone else who works here. But it's the owners wife, which technicaly means she is also the owner. Rest assured everyone i am looking constanty for alternative employment.