Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Had an e-mail at work today that read as follows.

Following a company restructure Mr ****** has decided to leave the company by mutual agreement, and with immediate effect. Until further notice all departmental correspondence will be dealt with by...Blah blah.
This is obviously company bullshit speak for ‘we just sacked someone, forget they ever existed’
It’s like working for robots sometimes, it may as well have read Mr **** has been deleted and we are awaiting an upgrade.
Even worse than this i have an appointment to see the boss again tomorrow morning at 9.30am, gulp!.

I have actually had some kind of stomach bug today that has made me feel slightly nauseous and sick. Nothing debilitating, just feeling off. But any attempt to eat food results in it wanting to escape my body almost immediately, and it doesn't seem to care which exit it uses.
I am absolutely starving, but i dare not eat so much as a wheat flake.
I recommend this condition for anyone wishing to go on a diet, and i expect to lose a few pounds by Friday. One the plus side i am detoxing from last weekend so i can go again next weekend.

I pay into a company pension and i have had a statement today. only another 40 years to go and I'll be paid enough money each year to cover my gas bill at least, what's the bloody point ? i could do with that cash now.

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